Need a good Subwoofer

I’m looking for a sub for my computer.

Needs to have some umph. And what makes it hard to find is I’ve got a tight budget (as close to $0 as possible, but still a good sub).

So any suggestions?

Try craigs list, They have EVERYTHING. I’ll keep my eyes and ears open, If I learn anything.

I’m pretty sure the only subwoofer that doesn’t have umph is a broken woofer <_<
This won’t help at all, but I once had a broken subwoofer… the treble knob was fucked up, so when you pressed down on it, the thing exploded. No way to adjust the volume or anything, just a massive “THWOOM” every time my computer made a sound.
It randomly decided to turn on while we were playing Counter-Strike during school… (by “I had,” I mean the school let me use it on my school computer. Kinda complicated to explain, but meh. Leave it at “I was a techie for the school at one time”)
Scared the crap out of everyone in the closet-sized room.…3:1|294:50

That look any good?

Yeah, looks alright.
I personally wouldn’t get it because any more than two speakers is going to be a waste for me, I currently move around too much to set up surround sound, and next year my renting-a-house-mates won’t appreciate it if I wire up our compy room for surround sound for my computer.
Maybe the music/server comp…

the ads are having fun with this topic >_>

anyway that sub looks good…for one its size pats my ginormous sub

Oh dude, I totally forgot I can just take my stereo system in my room and hook that beast up to my computer.
Hahaha… that’ll be fun >=D
THAT sub-woofer is about the size of two mid-tower cases put together.


Edit: Why did I say that? I’ll never understand myself. Anyway, speaking of Audio, I have 2 versions up of the Samus Appearance music in the progress topic, there each about 200-300k, so if you could download and listen to, that’d be great :smiley:

I so badly want to hook that up and launch a nuke in GMod.
“Ouch” would definitely be a good descriptor in that situation.

yeah, read edited post.