Ncfc 2018

At the time of posting, there are just over three weeks until NCFC starts. The past couple years have been disappointingly Metroid free. Anyone planning to submit fangame or an original creation? I’m gonna stick Pixeltroid there.

Troid is going to have Swing Swing Swing up, but otherwise we’ll be absent this year.

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Any chance next year? We need to plan a strategic NCFC Metroid take over.

I kinda want to try and push something out by then, but the team is pretty iffy on the publicity it could generate.

…I doubt Nintendo cares, they more or less admitted they only got rid of AM2R for being a remake…OH WAIT.

Yay! Metroidvanias(and Troid) “swept” NCFC. They even brought back the Metroid category! Hoping to see more metoridvanias next year!

Those like counts are just… depressing, honestly.

Yeah… Not many people still visit NCFC. Probably out of fear of DMCA.

Maybe we should coordinate a strike on “Fangame E3”. It was pretty sad last year, but if we bring a bunch of high-quality titles in this year, maybe it’ll shape up to become the new ‘thing’.

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might make one for next year