well, the title says it all :stuck_out_tongue:

anyway, i just started watching it. I went on a website and found it there… so far it is 1336 (ZOMG 1336!!! i didnt mean that >_>), but the english dubbed version sux lots. in it, naruto (main char of course!) doesnt sound right, and its all just messed up. if u wanna watch naruto, go for the japanese with english subtitles :smiley:

yhea naruto rocks… i get surprised by the way that the animes come late in eua… Dbz plays here since 95 and naruto since 2002…last world cup…

yeah im watching em on youtube =)

im already on episode 147… btw, anyone know if they rescue sasuke?

Im watching it right now, But unfortunately the society claims it “gay”.

But they’re just childish assholes.

Hell yea! Finally I ain’t a closet anime watcher! Me on 153 :slight_smile:. English dub is yes stupid also. No emotion (which surprisingly, is not uncommon for English Dubbed anime). But you can blame Cartoon Network for making things “gay”. Good animes turn “gay” because of Cartoon Network. New Mobile Report Gundam W is awsome until it turns into Gundam Wing. Then Wing is gay. Have a nice day :slight_smile:

yes… like i said b4… DO NOT WATCH THE DUBBED VERSION OR U WILL THINK IT IS HORRIBLE. just watch japanese with subtitles u lazy bums :slight_smile:

Oh God not another crappy japanese anime with the worst theme songs over produced…

That was a pretty gay response. >_>

meh, to each thier own (though i myself do not favor anime, lol)

i dont think i could watch subtitles all day though…

i think americans will only start to watch ciclone in 2010 lol

dont just dub things gay >.>

anyway, u may think its not the best UNTIL U SEE KYUBBI NARUTO!!!

he is teh 1337… except he couldnt even beat sasuke (who was in lvl 2 curse seal at the time).

I didnt know you could watch it online. What site? I watch it on toonami though, and it’s pretty cool.

thats ur answer :slight_smile:

well, some ppl obviously liked it if its been going who knows how many seasons.

its been 3 days hasnt it?

anyway, i wanted to bump this to say, ive just gotten to the filler part [about 165 or so to the most recent episode(195)] and its horrible… im so sick and tired of filler… cant wait till the next season though, so that they end the filler :slight_smile:

the reason for filler - the anime is catching up to the manga. so, if the anime passed the manga up, the anime would stray far from the intended storyline of the manga, or collapse on itself as a side effect (or something of the sort, described in wiki) so, in order to prevent this from happening, nearly, GAH, 3 seasons of filler was created!!! (now ur knowing why i said gah >.>)


anyway, the anime has a lot of filler and shit, so, as an alternative, just read the manga. its really good :slight_smile: :laughing:

Meh, i might watch it, but ive already gotten into the inglish dubb, which sucks pretty bad, but im used to it.

cool someone replied! yes… eng dubbed does suck… badly


YAHOO!!! i read something on one of dattebayo’s torrents that there was only 6 weeks of filler left!!! (this was on episode 190, while they’re now on 195)



if u wanna read the manga, and ur sick of the fillers and dont want to wait, the manga is great! try it out!

sorry to bring this back from page 7, but i decided to bump this to let you all know that naruto anime fillers are ending. the new naruto series, called Naruto Shipp?den, starts febuary 15 on tv tokyo, and will be encoded shortly afterward by the good people at in bittorrent. the new series takes place 2 1/2 years after the end of the filler after naruto has finished training with jaraiya-sama. if you’re not a fan of naruto, now is as good a time as ever to start. after 80+ episodes of filler, its good to be back to the manga storyline. oh, and if you dont feel like downloading the episodes at dattebayo, there’s always naruto bunshin… oh wait, i wont link this one due to complications. sorry to ramble on, but im happy, and i hope some of you will start watching them.

Lol. I’d still much rather watch the shitty english dubb on cartoon network every saturday.

I prefer t3h dubb. . . dunno why but I do secondly spoiler alarmno my friend is on season 2 (starts at ep:220) and Sasuke STILLh hasn’t turned up.
edit christ sake Naruto is Youtube up to episode 220