Does anyone have a myspace?Search for in the e-mail and you will find me.

i would personally turn this into a bash myspace topic if i could…

so, no i dont have it.

Why is it that bashing MS seems to be the cool thing to do any more? Stereotyping everyone that uses it as an annoying emo is no more true than stereotyping all Jews as big-nosed bank scammers.

I’m a proud owner of one and use it to keep in contact with friends and such. They have their uses.
Im not emo/sk8r, me and my cousin were just messing around with my clothes and it turned put that way.

Anyway, im something of a MS addict to be honest, but its very useful socially.

i wasnt trying to steriotype the people that use it. i was just saying that i, personally, dislike it. no need for MS if you have friends to talk to at school.

1–Most people that hate MS do so because of said stereotypes. My apologies for the assumption.

2–I could not disagree more. It lets you communicate with them without actually being at school, for one thing… there’s plenty more, but I’m lazy. :3

I don’t make judgements on the people who use MS, I’m just not a fan of it myself. There are other ways of keeping in touch with your pals.

It’s really really really bad.

Yes, I have one, but I’d sooner die than use it. Maybe in a coupla years they’ll have a decent blog type site that doesn’t, uh, suck.
I don’t mind if you use it, because it’s just as bad as everything else, but I do wish they’d make a good version of it.

I couldnt disagree more.

Myspace is my number 1 way to keep in contact with people, not only from school, but people in texas (since I moved), or other friends who have moved away.

You can dislike myspace, but would you rather have a trillion phone numbers, or IM buddys, who wont even be on most of the time? Myspace is an easy way to keep in contact with large numbers of people at once, not to mention its completely free, as opposed to the absurb amount of minutes you’d waste with your phone. I see it as a genious way to stay current, and to talk to friends. If I didnt have a myspace, I wouldn’t have near as many friends.

I cant blame you for disliking it, but you cant deny the advantages.

You mean Facebook?

i have myspace.=)
yeah sorry about the wierd name…its just a part of a song by my favorite band. now you have to add me. unless your a pedofile. then please move on:)

btw i am NOT 99. i just put that to keep my age a secret.

I believe the proper word is “Scene”, not Emo. Emo is a word meaning “Emotive Hardcore”, which is a genre of music close to grindcore. Emo does not mean “emotional” under any circumstance. The kids you see at school who “cut their wrists”, and act “emotional” are Scene.

And as for the Myspace, yes I do have it. If you want it, PM me.

too lazy to make one>_>

Hehe, I’m not a fan of facebook, either, really. It’s OUNDS and OOZLES superior to MySpace, but it still has a vast detachment from reality. Real life has hierarchies of friendship, for instance. Facebook has “people you’ve never met” and “friends”. Pretty lame. (well, of course, that’s for you to decide, but it’s still only 2.)

Anyway, what sort of mod are you? All off-topic and such? Naughty, naughty. >_>;

I do have a MySpace but like Tim, I’d rather die than use it. All the posers in my school (to hell with that, all the posers in MY DISTRICT) use it and that is probably why I hate it.

my only thoughts

  • people spend too much time over it

  • its search engine was made by a monkey.