My Vector Art ~ Samus

Well heres my Samus in vector art

Hope you all like it i only spent a few hours on it so it could be ALOT Better

It was done in Flash Pro 8 and ill be animating it later

(Animation will be - Better moving text - Moving shadows and lighting effects - Moving Arm)

Please Dont steal it…atleast if you use it give me credit if you dont give me credit ill know

WOW :O_O: it looks very good!

Thank you.

Mmmm, very well drawn, though im not sure what program that is. I just think the shading could use some work. But very nice, nonetheless.

It was done in Flash, A little more shading ? Hmm i check in to that thanks

hank you very much for the compliment

dont screw it up, the shading is fine, its an art style, lol, and a very good one, keeps a very nice effect on it.

That is a very good picture. :smiley:>

You’re such a dirty liar. You have done the equivalent of online tracing. Don’t believe me? I’ll spell it out for you.

My first indication that you were commiting the ultimate fake was that the picture is not of the Samus in Metroid Prime. It’s a single pose from the concept art of Super Metroid. Not only that, but the picture seemed a little too good to be drawn by you in Flash Pro 8.

So I did what I thought was a good precautionary measure. I hit Google Image with “Samus” and looked through the first 5 pages. Lookie what I found: This is the hand-drawn artwork of a student of the field. The site is like his online portfolio. At first I thought you used it as a reference, which is fine, but your picture began to stick out like a sore thumb. I noticed that both your picture and the drawing, at normal 100% size, were very proportionate. If that isn’t odd, I don’t know what is, so I lined them up, cutting off the pieces of the picture that you didn’t include. Tell me, what the hell do you call this?

Everything matches. From the shadows to the shape. It’s a duplicate only recolored in his “style”. I doubt it took him a few hours to hollow out that picture’s colors and redo them.

You traced it. You called the picture “yours” when it was just “your recolor.” Anyone can do that. Not everybody can draw as well as the original author of the picture.

You all might be asking why the hell I went out of my way to prove this fraud, or how I spotted it. The simple truth is that I fancy myself an artist in training, and in class I’d find many of my fellow students tracing whole pieces, only to hand them in and get 1st place in the school’s annual contest. Meanwhile I actually busted my balls with a rendition of this and got jack for it. I hate people who take the easy way out, especially when it concerns something that actually requires a degree of talent. I find it sad how people can fool you in this manner…

Edit: Oh yes, how could I forget? I forgot to mention how that art student can’t be you. Your picture has a signature of “Flossy” at the bottom. Not only does the art not have a signature, but on other pictures it doesn’t say “Flossy”, so don’t think you can fool anyone that way.

holy shit

Re read my post


And ““Not only that, but the picture seemed a little too good to be drawn by you in Flash Pro 8.”” Fisrt off you dont know what i can do in flash so your wrong there

Look up some vector art youll see peoples art WAY better than mine \

And btw your link is broken …

The Flossy at the bottem Thats just there so people dont take my Picture that i did in Flash and clam it as there own

Yeah i traced over the Picture big deal dude… Get over it

are you knew to forums(any forums even not including P2D?)

Well then credit isn’t given correctly. You could’ve at least said that the original Samus image isn’t yours. There isn’t any author name on the original picture, though, so I won’t do anything about it. I probably wouldn’t do anything about it anyway. No need for the caps, though.

I think he meant drawn entirely in Flash 8 from scratch. If you can do much better than that from scratch, then by all means show us that you can.

All 3 work fine for me, actually.

Well, seeing as you just took somebody else’s drawing and applied a few Flash effects to it, I don’t think adding your own name to it should be allowed… But I guess if you can make people give you credit for ripping sprites, you could get away with that. I’ll see what other modmins think.

That’s a slightly rude and subjective way to end, you know. >_>

Moral of the story: Give credit when you use anything that isn’t yours for something and don’t get angry at those that inform you that you’ve forgotten to, or just didn’t.

Yes i am actualy i just got a computer with internet not to long ago about 9 weeks ago

you deserve a cookie…

flossy…dude… -

you still should have said, unless you were just trying to fuck with us…

also, i could do that in 5 minutes with adobe photoshop…i really dont think you did it like you said you did.

here is MY samus in vector art?


its at that person how made the real image!

you just stoll it and edited the colors and said it was yours!

btw we should ask daz to lock this topic or atleast someone how can lock topics…

You stole it, and don’t lie about we have proof that you did. And Goldleader has a good eye at spotting stolen sprites,image and etc.

alright, everyone please lets all just wait for dazzy to decide what to do. :smiley:


Someone just PM him. And flossy, you have a cool name, but your a failure. Show us any real talent you have, instead of someone elses work. It’s better to be a failure as an artist, than a failure as a person. But i think Daz’l cut you a little slack, just because…


Please don’t mini-mod like that. If you need to contact somebody, contact them. Don’t sit around shouting for them in some topic, because you don’t know if they’ll even visit that topic, and it’s a huge pile of spam. Plus it’s annoying enough to enter a topic and see “DAZZY WHERE R U COME LOCK THIS”, even in one post with less attention hogging. We need to stick mini-modding in the rules >_>

Plus you guys apparently completely missed my post, or forgot I was a mod now, or something. I just kind of dealt with the situation, and there’s only one thing I want to check with the other modmins.

You’re exaggerating a lot, too. I mean, okay, he didn’t do much work on it and was almost saying that he made it all from scratch and that it took hours, but all he really did wrong was not give proper credit, leading to a lot of confusion. Who knows, it may have really taken him hours for that <_< Edit: ← That paragraph was aimed mostly at Redhalberd’s post, just to clarify.

Now, let’s all get back on topic, shall we? Talk about the “Metroid Prime” logo if you must.