My two first sprites:)

Hi here are my first sprites! what do u think of em?

The SM Samus Sprite is good, but don’t use it as your av, because it looks wierd >_>

The Metroid Samus Sprite is kind of…big…really…really big.

… Sorry, but what exactly do you want us to say about recolors with a few pixel changes on the chest?

i wanted to hear what u think of em and what i can do to make it better

Well, why don’t you try actually making your own sprites instead of ripping off other games? Adding a few extra pixels to something doesn’t make it yours.


Um… the SM one has outlines and no shading. Yech!

i made a new one myself only using paint!

what do u think?

I don’t think you wanna know what I think of that, but i’ll tell ya anyway:

too tall, too skinny, not shaded, not detailed, and really just plain nasty. Try using existing sprites from ZM or Fusion as a reference or something. That could help you out.

so u mean i should take a zm or fusion sprite and like remake it allover to my own sprite :confused:

This is what I mean:

This isn’t my work mind you. It’s QuickSilfers. He used the Power suit sprite as a reference to make a GF Trooper sprite.

erm this is not so good i just added the balls on the shoulders and recolored a bit…

Oh my god. You so totally did only an edit. He means to say, make your own, but use the proportions from the sprites you’re using for reference. AND THAT POSTING LINEUP MAKES ME CRY. EDIT, for god’s sake! That’s what the buttons there for!

Stop frickin’ multiposting. And when we suggest making your own sprite, what part of that says “add balls to an existing sprite”? Besides, I have a feeling that’s just a recolored Gravity, not a recolored Power with balls.

I took the sprite i started with and laid it beside
((the problems is i have for about 20 sprites os i maybe took wrong when i was about to add the starting sprite.i think i recolored a gravity yeah))
next time ill make my own instead…

keep trying anyway, im sure you will get the hang of it eventually.
keep up the good work :smiley:

ok thanks.

Come on you guys. It may be just an edit, but if you squint at it hard enough, it isn’t TOO bad. If you keep yelling at newbies like this, we’ll never get any new ones. Even if this kid isn’t doing anything right so far.

Daz. LOL. Recolored Power Suit with balls.

What good work? x_x

I was gonna yell at you for being offensive, but I have to agree. There’s absolutely nothing to comment on for cheap recolors. Sorry ^^;