My truck got stolen.

seriously, I went to Banff on the weekend, and my truck got stolen. last year my brother stole my grandmothers car.

…I dunno what to say.

It’s not everyday that somebody’s vehicle gets stolen. And your brother? What happened with that?

Just wondering, but what country do you live in??

I live in CANADA

Wow. I dont know what to say. People here always act like nothing ever happens in canada. I guess it could happen anywhere though.

im sorry man. i cant really say ‘that sucks’ without sounding sarcastic… but i really am sorry for you. :confused: i wouldnt think that hotwiring a truck would be that easy, but for a professional it might be. where did you leave it?

and yeah tell us more about your brother stealing your grandmothers car.

yeah… he stole the keys and crashed it into the alley. he is still paying the fine. 8000 if you were wondering

ouch. why did he steal it though? its his grandma!

That’s what I’m still wondering.

He thought he could drive around the alley a couple times because he could drive well in an open spaced area. With my dad there to help him.

Wow someone just takes your truck? For what reason? Did you tell the police?

It is’nt that hard to hotwire a car… or open a locked door.
Do it once, and you know how to do it. That’s why there is a smart little thingey called a car-alarm, and another thing called Global Positioning System. For a small fee, you can see where the thief is driving, how fast he/she/it is driving and where he/she/it could be going. the police can then stop and beat the crap out of the idiot.

Sorry to hear that I hope you can something about it.