my spriting topic..yeahh.....

k after like 3 months of practice with spriting

i give you my best sprites on a sprite sheet =)

i altered the suits designs so i like it…also i couldn’t quite capture the shape of samus…

but as a favor can someone put this in a physics demo thingy as a favor…if u use the sprites (no one probably will) you don’t actually have to give me credit…just dont say u did em all ur self

and uhh yea…leave ur comments…

i fixed it like u said

No offense but I doubt anyone’ll be using those. >_> They’re pretty subpar.

It’s a hell of a first sheet, though. The outlines are too dark and thick and the colors are kinda murky, and the jump pose is quite odd. The cannon is too square and she has only a single leg stance for running, which would animate horribly.

However, it’s a decent start, the front-facing pose isn’t half bad, the standing/aiming poses really capture the “ZM” feel.

Wait, or are those just ZM edits? Some of th eother poses seem too funkily-posed to be anything but scratch, but those last two make me wonder…

Even for edits, i think they’re a very good start into the spriting world (since many people start with edits). THey arent good enough for public use, but they arent terrible (compared to most peoples early spriting attempts).

the last two took hours cuz i wanted it to look like samus from the other side and since her arm was on one side i had to do it covering her face once i’ll post my first sprites if you want…how come everyones accusing me of them being edits

the reason there not terrible is because this is the latest i made

excelent for a first! although, they are really dark, and the shapes are messed up in places.

lol they aren’t my first…ther the first of mine that have been on this forum…

What’s up with all the penguins?

Yea they are good for a start. Keep working dude.

Penguin mafia. Check the “WTF” topic in General.

And i_b, if they aren’t your first, please don’t cal them that. >_>

Uh… Ok, obviously a problem with which hand Samus’ gun is on. Also, it looks like you just flipped the sprites to make it view the other side but they’re both different. Are you telling me you just remade the same sprite backwards?

not very good, need to be more fluid, however, i do like the standing facing screen one, it is pretty cool.

maybe a cell shaded one?

i have always thought a more fluid cell shaded spritesheet would be cool.

i know the jump ones look wierd but i tried samus crouching-like while jumping, then i tried a jump like u’d do in long jump…that was the best i could do

any suggestions for something new to sprite?

work on those first.

how so…any tips…

you know how many post you have has no value, nor your rank, right?

okay i have a new jumping sprite…after obsessivly staring at a gameboy screen… to figure out the pose and here it is a new jumping sprite with brighter colors

yeah here i fixed some of the stuff you said to so opinions?
(brigher, jumping doesnt look retarded)

and what the hell i’ll post my very first samus sprites for fun

the looking towards character one (not first sprites you made) looks smooth, and very much like it should be cell shaded, it seems very stylish like viewtiful joe, however, the others lack that. though the jumping facing right one looks okay, the others need a makover in the same way you did the first one.

…i…i dont think i want to say anything about the small midgets…

…anyways, if you worked on the top one to improve it, they would be really unique.

yeah… the first samus sprites need major work… samus is NOT 4’ tall!

The shading palette is terrible. The darker shade of yellow is yellow, not orange. It looks like she’s on fire.