My Sprites

Here is my phazon suit sprites.

Here is the new phazon suit sprites.…zonsuit26bh.jpg

Here is the sprites of new phazon suit

It’s original wich is cool.
But it doesnt look like a sprite.
It looks more like a normal image, usually sprites have pixles and such, that has blobs of pixles and it doesnt have enough colors.
and thats not ‘Phazon Suit Sprites’ its one Phazon Suit Image.
In the end im sure you can pull of a good looking sprite if you make more images of that! :smiley:

I still getting use to the sprites making if any one wants to edit my sprites they can I don’t care.

NEVER use neon green, you need to use a one pixel border, and those are too hand-drawn looking to work as sprites.

its um kinda sorta… nvm its pretty good ill (eventualy) get my image i drew up on here sometime.