My sprites

they aren’t too good and they are only beta, but i have some war wasp sprites. also, i’'ll post some more sprites i make here. here are the sprites: HERE

comment away. personally i think they suck and they need some work, but the only other sprites i’ve ever made are morphball bombs, so i am a noob at making sprites. so they need ALOT of work.(especially when it shoots poison).

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The shape and detail are not bad for an early sprite, but for a war wasp it’s atrocious. I’m not sure which game’s wasp you’re making, but MP’s were reddish brown and Echoes’ were dark blue, and both had ‘jester spikes’ on the backs of their heads, longer wings, and stuff. Look at their scan pics.

verry cool keep up the good work :wink:

thanx, and i will make them better, it’ll take a while though.

EDIT: i did that from memory. i was stupid enough to sell MP, but i can borrow it form my frend to look.

EDIT (again, i didn’t ant to dbl post): since i made these, and if they are approved (after alot of hard work), can i use them for one of my games? if u don’t want me to, i don’t mind.

…Approved? Approved by who?

Besides… If you made them, you can do whatever the hell you want with them.

i said IF they are approved (after a lot of work).

He meant if they were approved for P2D.

ya, what Darkblade SHinobi said. and here are better sprites for the war wasp. and if u check the game, the war wasps have yellow abdomins, when ram war wasps have red abdomins. as u can see, i’m making the ones with yellow abdomins. HERE

First off, we’ve already got someone doing warwasps, so don’t bother trying to get them approved. :stuck_out_tongue:

Second, those are still really inaccurate. Look at the dang pictures >_< They have huge-ass spikes on their heads, and that’s only the tip of the iceberg of what’s wrong… They also shoot little needles, not giant shockwaves…

fine, i’ll do something else.

EDIT: I’ll work on the zoomer or the geemer.

The shooting sprites make the Wasps look like little pistols o_o;

And the Wasp’s stingers kind of arch/curve, like real Wasps, not stick down.

I know, that’s why i’m starting to work on zoomers and geemers :sweat: .

We already have those >_> Unless you’re doing them just for the fun of it

fine i’ll work on thardus, flaaghra, shriek bat, puffer, plated puffer, blood flower, Eyon, Magmoors, mega turret, parasite queen, sheegoth, power bomb tanks, energy tanks, or baby sheegoths (i’ll only do one at a time though). and do u need some of the old sprites? because some of the sprites were good and aren’t there anymore. a long time ago, i saved these to base some sprites on, and i stil have a lot. Just tell me if u would like to recover some.

Ok I think the only thing you named off there that isn’t already being worked on or already done for that matter is the baby sheegoth.

It is too. :stuck_out_tongue:

then timaster didn’t put a up a good list because it said all of those on there. was it supposede to be list 3.0? if not, then DOH!

Oh, right, the whole ‘reclamation’ thing.

Well, you can start, but if the original author picks it up again he gets full rights to it.

EDIT: oh i know what u r talking about. i know, i just want to be helpful. did u guys lose those cuz of MM1914? or some other reason? plz explain.

We just had a bunch of sprites no one was working on, so they’re up for grabs again unless the original artist returns to claim them.