my sprites#2


this was my first ever attempt at making non-portrait sprites

i think itz good for a first try but(meh)i made em
the strange things at the side are beem wepons
i have only done morph ball and looking towards us for now
but i promise that there will be some side sprites(eventualy)

NO JPEG!! EVER AGAIN!!! The sprite sheet is already ruined, start by recoloring the whole thing.

Never save sprites as Jpegs. They ruin them, completely. It’s instant death.

itz gif and this is how they are ment to look


No, that’s not how they should look. They shouldnt have a trillion extra shades of ever color in them. If you save sprites as GIFs, or JPEGs, you will fuck them up, and the colors will become grainy and cloudy looking. Always save them as PNGs. The only way to fix it is to completely recolor.

how the heck do i save it as a png

Red, calm the hell down.

Pryex, go to Save As and choose filetype as PNG instead of JPG or GIF or BMP or whatever.

If you don’t have the option to use PNG (some older versions of Paint can’t), save it as a 24-bit bitmap and upload it to Imageshack, which will auto-convert it to a PNG for you.

By the way, no, those are not gifs. They are indeed jpgs.

well i managed to do a side standing samus but the legs a=rnt that good

and itz in png

i hope itz ok

the legs on the phazon suit dont even look like they are connected to her body

I always save my sprites as .GIFs. I think it keeps them the most pixelly. Never in paint though, I always use photoshop to save.

There we go. They’re not too bad, they just need shading, and have some shaping issues.

can anyone demonstrate these shape issues?

too many lines, not enough curves (though i must admit it is a bit small for such)

look at a samus sprite for example :slight_smile:

Too many lines?? Not sure, but the shaping in the arms and legs is bad.

Looking at a samus sprite is probably the best option.

I was looking at a samus sprite whilst makeing them

the shading on the gravity suit is unusual… the darker shade is more reddish then the lighter shade.

But the shaping i still innacurate. The gap inbetween the legs is large, and impossible. The legs are too straight, but fixing the first will hopefully fix the other. The arms arent fluid enough (as in with elbows). The body isnt perfect, but it isnt too bad. Looking at Luminous reavers samus sprites will probably help.

Everyone else beat me to it.

Yeah, the shaping is horrible, but fix it up like Red said and it should look more anatomically correct.