my sprite

i decided to start off simple, by making smaller sprites. so here they are:

dont forget there my first sprites so dont expect it to be good.

Good for a first spirt unlike mine that look like mechs and continue making them and you get better. ( I’m not -_- of them) Just fix the shading to it and make it look more like a sphere.

thats really… not good.

you shouldnt shade it like that. gradients are the WORST ever.

also, the images look a bit distorted…

ahh… theres the problem, its jpg.



it also looks a bit choppy if it were to be animated…

It’s really not good. As your first sprite, nothing else should be expected. But let me lay down the main problems.

It’s not even shaped like a sphere.
The palette is very bad, there is way to much contrast (the light shades are way too light).
The yellow sphere arent placed properly (they should be evenly distributed around the sphere, but in 3d, so sometimes they will be partially behind it).

For such a simple creature, it’s not very good, but you should try something more complex so i can better apply criticism.

i made a better one:

But i still dont know how to change the jpg thingy

Well, the shading looks like it might be a little better on that one, but it’s extremely hard to tell when it’s microscopic. >_>

Also, to save as something other than a JPEG, just save it as something other than a JPEG. If you’re using Paint, when you’re on the “save as…” menu, below the “enter filename” box, there should be a file type listed there. Choose something else, preferably PNG if you have the XP version, otherwise BMP. Don’t save sprites as GIFs or JPEGs in Paint. If you have another program, it’s pretty much the same thing but probably with more options to choose from.

i did a metroid sprite:

il be animating it later and i saved it as PNG. what should i do next?

sry if its to big, i dont no how to make it smaller…

You’re using Paint, right? Just grab the little dot in the bottom-right corner of the canvas and drag it closer to the sprite area.

As for the Metroid, the style looks a lot like a quick drawing in flash, and the shape is really weird. I’d say start with smaller objects first then work your way to bigger things. So try making a small Metroid sprite before going to one that huge, using the zoom feature to edit it close up.

go to

begin with simple dithering and make a ball eventually for a lesson, then you know a little shading, and size.

also, zoom for smaller size, never drag and make it smaller

ok il try that

ok im bumping my sprite topic because i have some sprites ready!!! :smiley:>

heres one thats finish:

More updates coming soon! :smiley:

…that’s not even a sprite. It’s a photoshoped rectangle. The shading doesnt really work, because it’s flat. I think a spriting tutorial could come in about now.

Are you using the the zoom feature? All of your “sprites” so far seem like you’re using a bunch of the basic shape buttons to make your design, then trying to shade and add more detailed parts by tediously sketching from far away. Seriously, if you zoom in you can easily get pixel-perfect detail. >_>

So it’s really good if you’re not zooming in at all, but… Just zoom in.

You’re not bad for a newbie to spriting actually.

Yes he is. And don’t sugarcoat. That doesn’t help him get better. Telling him what’s wrong and how to fix it, however, does.

I’d do that now, but that’s already been covered by other posters.

i am using the zoom button…il try better!