my sprite thread

metroid:attack of the phazon lord sprite sheet.

what do you think?comments,criticism?these are only a few,of course.

suit item icon

… WTF is up with the dots all over everything? I’d consider it a sign of JPG compression, but that’s a GIF.

please tell me what item the dots bother you about.

El turret.

MS Paint saves GIF’s poorly–with dithering. It’s a problem caused during the act of GIF compression; it’s not a compression problem in itself. JPEGs don’t leave dots, anyway, they blur like nuts. :slight_smile:

Paint NEVER dithers GIFs for me, it just screws up their colors. The only ones that blur and dot are JPEGs. And I get TONS of dots like that with them. <_<

You obviously don’t have Windows XP Paint.

I use XP Paint and that NEVER happens. All that I get is colors being replaced by the wrong colors. Jpegs are the ones that dot for me. Meh, so my computer’s weird.

no daz, its the same for me!

Gif’s dot and dither on mine, while jpeg’s blur and dot also. Could be different monitors,

color settings, whatever, I guess.

added a new pic.

They are okay, but not the best they could be…

remember,they are just rough drafts.feel free to tell me what to improve on.

I think the problem is called “Web-safe colors”.

He can’t save a custom palette with his pictures.

I just found a solution for the dots on GIFs, but you need to have the following:
1.) A 24 Bitmap of the image BEFORE the dots were included by saving it as a GIF
2.) A seperate GIF image of the previous bitmap already saved

You go into paint with the bitmap, select what you want and copy it. Then, you go into the GIF with paint also and paste it over the dotted image. Then of course you save it. When I did it, it never asked, “This may cause color changes” and the image remained clear.

Why is the super missile SMALLER than the normal missile??? I thought it was supposed to be SUPER.

Some colors on that work for me, some colors don’t… could be 16, 24 and 32 bit

differences, depending on the system(s).