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Great shading, and a very interesting style! Perhaps more definition in the upper arm and upper leg areas. A wee bit in the feet as well.

I like it.

Great shading? Nonononono… That’s really less-than-average shading. This is slightly less-than-average shading. (At least on the orange parts.) But having read that “metallic object” tutorial I read yesterday, I should try to make it metallic for some practice. :stuck_out_tongue:
[Image removed.]

And no, I won’t be showing the metallic one. I need a lot more practice. :laughing:
^ Nevermind that. It looks okay enough to show. :stuck_out_tongue:
[Image removed.]

Okay, I stuck all four images (including the original) into one because I like organization in my Imageshack account. :stuck_out_tongue:

Um…what the crap?

Mason, yours looks striped more than shaded. Animationboy… uh… why’s she look like she’s about to get raped?

That’s apparently how metal looks. I just copied the sample metallic texture again and made his Samus look just like it. :unamused:

The tutorial Slothien gave me said it had high contrast, too…and it does. 8)

So someone decides what metal looks like and everybody else has to adhere or else their image it is not metalic? If other images had a tutorial process applied to them, and they are supposed to look metalic and resultantly do not, then whomever made the tutorial did not take said case mentioned above into account (which is not the case, I checked out the tutorial), -or- Perhaps there is more than one way to create metalic imagery. Either way how about helpful suggestions/criticism instead of bashing a beginning sprite artist.

There’s a reason for everything, including my linking to the tutorial. :sweat:

There was also a reason I said his was quite less than average. That’s because “average” is still better than most amateur spriters. :unamused:

And I don’t appreciate being told that I’m bashing. Don’t overreact to what is classified as constructive criticism. :slight_smile:

Who said I was talking to you, let alone anybody specific. Seems to me then, that maybe you were a little over harsh if you assume that it was to you I was refering.

It’s quite obviously in context. You were talking about my edit, then you must be talking to me. There’s no paragraph break to show you talking to anyone else. No, I’m pretty certain you were talking about me.

And then there’s the fact that nobody else said anything about the sprite other than Daz and his usual rape comment. :stuck_out_tongue:

Samus is never shaded that way in the real games. There’s a reason.

She is in Prime 2. :stuck_out_tongue:

But she’s not a sprite. Totally different style, yo.

Uhhhhhhhhh…I didn’t expect an argument over something as dumb as such…and thank you for the good replies, and, Daz, I donno…she “looks like she’s gonna get raped” because…uhhh…her legs are spredded apart because…uuhhh…I didn’t know what would look best I was afraid to put them too close together becuae I thaught it would mess it up…I am currently working on another sprite thing…I might not finish…I might just post it as a single image such as the one I made before but better…

(P.S. That metalic tutorial thingy didn’t help at all…:smiley:)

I know what you mean. I had to have Neppy explain it to me better. :laughing: (That’s why her name is on it.)

W/E…now I hav all of my sprites in one thing…

Please don’t bump a seven month old topic if you have nothing useful to add. :neutral_face: