My second (and third) Game Maker game

I don’t know if this is the right forum for this, but here it goes…

I just finished my second and third Game Maker games. They’re Metroid platform-shooters. The first one has you taking out several Space Pirates. The “expanded” version, which is the second one, has you taking out several pirates in the same layout, except that when you kill them all, a door opens… what’s on the other side? I’m not telling, go play the game! :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah, I know they suck. But I’m a game maker newbie! These are only my second and third games. Make sure you GO EASY ON ME. Please.

I like how they turned out, considering my experience… anyways, what do you guys think and are there any suggestions?

You can download a .zip file with both games here:…idplatform.html


A = fire left
S = fire right
left arrow = move left
right arrow = move left
Up = jump


Samus has a white box around her when she’s using her right-facing sprite.

There is no jump or run animation.

Bricks have white lines

Final boss can kill Samus in one hit, due to a glitch with movement.


Once again, are there any suggestions or comments? All constructive critisism is welcome - I want to learn how to make my next game better.

Edit: Link fixed.

Edit2: Added final-boss glitch.

Well, for one, angelfire doesn’t allow links. find a new host.

And two button’s to shoot? You are a noobie. I don’t mean that in an insulting way, just umm… good luck getting better.

Erm, yeah. I kinda am. That’s why I repeatedly stated that I AM A NEWBIE. It is why I asked for CONSTRUCTIVE CRITISISM. I couldn’t find a way to make it work otherwise. “You don’t mean that in an insulting way?” I’m sorry, but saying “you are a noobie” is an insult, like it or not.

Working on the link now…

Edit: Done. I’ve uploaded a html file with the link to the download. Should work.

It works.

Well, for one thing, i’m pretty sure Samus’ power suit can withstand more than 3 space pirate attacks, and can certainly withstand jumping on top of a Metroid without an instant death to her.

You definitely need to get some running and proper shooting made for it, in all directions might I add.

You could actually have the space pirates coming after Samus instead of just standing there like morons.

Actually get a jump button. Up arrow is crap for jumping with.

That’s all for now.

Thanks. Eight-way aiming is something I’m thourougly clueless as to how to do. Any help?

I’m aware of the damage unrealism, but the game’s just too easy if you can take more shots before dying. There are only 5 pirates, who can’t even move. I never meant for the Metroid to kill Samus in one hit, but it’s a glitch that I forgot to list. The metroid’s moving, and when it hits you, it counts as about 2904108749817491734 different hits… I’m clueless as to how to fix this.

I mentioned the running and jumping sprites, I’m going to do them when I get a chance.

Well, i’m not sure how to get the space pirates to move TOWARDS samus. Any help on this either? The “perform step towards a point” just doesn’t work for me - I can’t seem to stop them moving through the bricks and I can’t set them moving towards an OBJECT rather than a point.

Also, just a note - was going to have the Metroid latch on and drain samus of her energy, but that proved FAR too advanced to do at my skill level. Instead it just kinda flys around and tries to ram you…

Thank you for your kind constructive critisism, Dark Samus.

Don’t try 8-way shooting for now. With jumping and stuff, that’ll be a huge pain to work with. Just don’t make two different buttons for shooting. If you can use a simple if statement, you should be able to have one button shoot.

The Metroid actually only hits you once per frame. So it’s not NEARLY as much as you say. But still enough to kill you right away. The easiest way to get rid of that is to have the Metroid take away a lot less health when it hits you. Displaying the health on the screen would help.

To get something to go to an object, have them move towards the point: (objectname.x,objectname.y). BUT, that would make the space pirates fly. You should have them move towards the point (objectname.x,y) to have them move along only the X axis. To have them not move through bricks or whatever, set the space pirates and the bricks to solid. Again, a few if statements and chaging a few things around would get the job done MUCH better, but you’re a beginner, so you should stick with the basic stuff for now.

Whoa! Thanks very, very much. I’ll try and see if I can get an if statement to work, and I didn’t realize I could input object names as an x or y value.

Anyway, I’ll start work on fixing the various things now, and once more expanding the game.

Well, one more step on the way to becoming proficient with Game Maker…

great jetman!! im beating the hell of that pirates!!

Give me the edituble file. maybe i can try to do somethin. like fix the animations. and create beter graphics.

:smiley: <^>


Version 2 of the Expanded version (I think I just like saying “version” >_>) is up.
All three programs together are over 8MB. Eeek.

Major, MAJOR thanks go out to Sivart for generously offering to host this new, humongous file (4mb alone O_O) on his host. I’ve linked to the download location off the page that I linked to in my first post. Click on the second link to see the new file. Thanks, sivart!

I fixed the final boss movement glitch, tweaked some stuff, fixed (I think) that annoying white-box thing around the sprites, fixed the white in the blocks, and a whole bunch of other little things.

What do you think?

You realize the music is what’s making it that big, right? With MIDIs that would be less than 500k.

I’ll review it later, because I have to go right now.

Crap. I was going to size down the mp3s, but I didn’t realize that they were the cause of THAT much file space!

In any case, cutting off a lot of the entire 2-minute repetitive squence on both should help.

It won’t show :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry:

I think it’s alright, except for the fact that you have so little health…