My project


I am new here and I am one of the project managers for Starfox 2d, and i really needed some help… with programming in GM… all our group is doing, is making sprites for our engine… and we plan to have a demo. Im affiliated with you guys, and i have a team. i dont know where to ask this question so i made a new topic…

I was wondering if any of your team could come and help us… judging by the awesome spriting and programming in your test demo, i thought we could use a touch of your skill…

so if you’re interested, contact me at:

[Link removed: Goddammit, why do so many people advertise their forums here?! >_< READ THE RULES!]

Thanks alot! :smiley:

Lol if you want the link to SF2D i believe its one of the affliates of P2D. It should be in the “Affliate” section in (OMG! yes there is a website for P2D. It isn’t just a forum)