My Picture

I made a picture.Here it is
I just moved them into a picture.I’m a beginer.I got the sprites from shy guy kingdom.I give credit to the creators of the sprites.

That’s probably okay if it’s the first picture you’ve ever slapped together.

At least some of their feet are level.

I also slapped my sig and avatar together.I done it all in paint.
Edit:I made another picture.I give credit to the creators of these sprites.
Space Battle:

I really give credit to the creators of the sprites.Which pic is better?

Edit:I change my avatar i did not make it.

OMG, you used my Sylux, and my GF troopers. But your not gonna get alot of atention for posting a picture you threw together. Anyone can throw together a picture. It’s good spriting that turns people on on this board.

yeah, i kinda agree, also, the second picture makes it look kinda like the metroid queen has a wang…yeah, its messed up…

Yoshi, Mario, Luigi, and Kraid in space… :laughing:

do you have to be such an ass. Come on man, its his picture. He never said they were his sprites.

But come on! Metroid Queen is floting on a zebetite, Dark Samus stands on Metroid Queens head and shoots out in no where, four aero troopers, two of them is shooting out in no where, one shooting at Ridley and one shooting at Samus ship, and all of the shots are in the same distanse from the aero trooopers, and plenty of more bad things!

That’s what we call unconstructive criticism.

…or just pointing out several things that don’t necessarily look good, but first insulting the picture.

Credit or not, I did not give permission to use my pirates, so you still technically broke the rules. >:O

Not to mention you didn’t actually credit any names, just said “credit to spriters”.

And Mason, why should we worship his work when he didn’t fucking DO anything? He just put random sprites–some of which were stolen–on an image together, and placed random laser effects by them. There IS no c+c to give. Hell, he couldn’t even deal with transparency properly. Look at the weird blue background on some of the pirates and the inside of the metroid.

Actually, I was thinking more along the lines of “Shut up and ignore it.”

People have to start somewhere.

Ok lock my topic if you want too :frowning:

Hahaha in your sig, I know exactly where you got that “Phazon Beam” from.

A spriter by the handle of Semi Juggalo created a Metroid Prime styled 2d sprite sheet, and that was on there. You didnt even bother to change anything.

This cracks me up.

If you’ll note, he claims repeatedly that he didn’t make a one of those sprites. He isn’t stealing or plagiarizing, he’s being completely honest, which is a trait that ought to be more common.

yes. Why do people always have to blow up every time someone makes a picture or post a sprite that isnt theres but they say its not theres. In simpler words: he said he didnt make the sprites, so thats not braking the rules…

This copy-others-work-and-claims-it-as-my-own-work thing reminds me of a guy named Beastlordsupreme(BLS for short).

That guy is a total nut, he ripped off everybody’s work on Gamecheetz and the admin of that forum declared Board War.

Just take a look at this topic., It’s one of the Admins mentioning him copying the forum off,still.

That guy would claim anything he copies off others as his work. Just telling you Daz, that if this guy was ever in this forum, he would’ve ripped everything you worked hard for, Your sprites, your P2D project(or MH’s project actually) or worse.

He goes by different names like Beastlordsupreme, Dylanlip or InkMonkey. You gotta becareful if you find this guy joining this forum.

BTW, if anyone finds out that he’s ripping off this forum and declare board war.

Just Quotse bomb it.

Quotse= millions of quotes in one post, destructive enough to blow up an entire forum.

Use it wisely and may the force be with tou.

While that may be useful info, it’s also completely off-topic, and belongs in its own topic, or, better yet, in a PM.

On-Topic: IMO, the stealing he’s doing isn’t stealing in the universal spriters’ code. Some forums probably work differently than we do. He made an honest effort to give credit. What he did wrong is only wrong by our unwritten standards, and you can’t really hold him responsible for that.

Secondly, his pictures may be bad, inexpert, sloppy, and uninteresting, but whatever they are, they deserve constructive criticism, because they are works of art, no matter what their quality, and the maker put time and effort into them.

that would be soo sweet!!!

cant believe…gave…metroid queen…wang…

lol!look at mother brain also! :stuck_out_tongue:

Edit:Anyone that is admin or another kind of leader if you want to lock this topic you can :blush: :frowning: :blush: :blush: :frowning: