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Check this out!

Nice huh?
Like it?

Tell me! :sunglasses:

Satire Mode Active - Expect No Mercy

(Semi-harsh language involved: I’m really pissed right now)

Edit: Made it less harsh.

“Nice huh?” - No, no it isn’t…

“Like it?” - If I were out of my mind, maybe, but I’m not, so again, no.

What’s going on here anyway? You took several sprites from Super Metroid and inverted their colors. Then you took the sprite of Samus, enlarged it, and filled it in with blue, adding your name to this piece of dishevelment. It’s not cool, it’s not creative, it’s easy to do, and it’s just… there. So? What, you think a single piece of artwork posted in a single thread in the wrong forum section is going to garner you respect and admiration? Ok, sure, you did it. A for effort. But I hate to break it to you: It’s not all that cool. Actually formulate a design, be creative, know how to make it look cool without inverting colors like a lazy bum would, and actually make it coherent. If you do that, THEN I’d actually rate it to see how good you really are. But for me, this doesn’t cut it. Not by a long shot.

How is this a fangame?

And how is that ‘your’ pic? That’s just random inverted sprites on a terribly clashing background. Not a single bit of it is yours.

Even if it was yours, it’s still terrible. I’d elaborate, but G_L did that just fine.

Lol. I could be extremely harsh, and absolutely break all laws of good moral, and kindness to noobs.

But really…dont post stuff like this, and expect people to say anything good to you.
A monkey with a mouse (gotcha daz) cant invert, and enlarge some sprites. It’s not cool, and it’s not original. It’s in the wrong section, and probably only took 5 minutes. If you want some good comments, learn to sprite, like everyone else. It’s not easy, but it’ll get you some respect around here real quick.

It’s lame, and extremely noobish, but other than that…GOOD JOB!!!

Im only a sprite noob :blush:

and i thought when you start spriting you start with recolering…and thats what i did and the blue samus took me a long time to recolor and it was really the super metroid samus wire frame (on the pause screen). And it isnt on fangames it on Graphics board.

sniff sniff :frowning:

thats not what people mean by recoloring

recoloring means changing each and every color, in a totally different way, like making super metroid samus turn into a dark/purple version, it ussually goes hand in hand with edits, which is much more recommended.

and hell, all you did is make an outline, and reverse a bunch of images, which isn’t anything at all, it can be done with the press of a button.

you should start by making your own sprites, plain and simple, lots more experience in it.

go to

to get a few things, start with simple things such as circles for a long time.

eventually make slightly more complex things.

also, i made a comic off of something just like this before, yes, i can tell the future.

Yeah, that’s not recoloring, it’s called inverting and filling in. It takes no talent.

Ok, so you filled in the wireframe Samus. So? What’s your point?

You posted it on the fangames section and Dazuro moved it. Don’t lie.

The ‘ghost link’ on fangames is still there even.

The burnnn!!! srry that was spam

Nonetheless, i’d take some of smart dude’s advice. Dont just start with circles. It’s better to start with something moderately complex so we can point out all of your flaws right away, that way any developing bad habits wont go unnoticed.

But please, learn to sprite, and dont lie, or someone will dropkick you.

just because i pity you i’ll post this
by “recoloring” you can’t just press ctrl+I or click on the invert colors.
and recoloring is only for sprites


notice the shape change and some obvious color sceme changes to metroid prime designs

Yeah, but since it’s already colored, it’d be good practice to try shading it.

Haha! Yea for Edit >> Invert!

An MS Paint master … only they know the best ways to sprite … Ingenious! A negative!


Was that REALLY necessary?

Really recoloring dosen’t help you at all. It is just wasting time changing an already awsome pic into some crappy colored picture. It dosen’t teach you anything except colors (which you do know DON’T you?)

uhh yes recoloring does help…i started off recoloring…those things up there aresome of my first recolors. recoloring is only the thing you do right when you start off tho.

So in other words recoloring is just there to make you feel good about yourself?

it just helps you figure out where to put different shades and how to make em look good, k?

Those are bad,infact I came up with a word to describe 'em!

BARF(the fish swear) XD
It goes so well with it.

…um. No.

Recoloring has it’s benefits, though i never did it. But it’s only good if you use multiple shades.
@Im better: Your SM recolors didnt help your spriting ability because you only used 1 shade per color. I recommend learning to draw in paint first. That’s why i learned to sprite well so quickly. I already had several years of messing around in paint under my belt. So i’d start with that.

no.and those are m2 recolors.