My paint drawing

I made this quite some time ago on paint. Ive been watching the progress on this game you guys have been making and looks pretty awsome so far

its not very accurate as far as how things should be shaped, the colors are okay, but you should really not draw it by hand from full perspective, draw each shape over and over again one pixel at a time to make sure it isn’t looking like the shapes were scribbled, okay man?

That Samus logo or whatever you want to call it, isn’t even symmetrical… ?_?

Samus looks… Mutilated… One arm is freakishly larger
than the other one, and her legs are WAY out of perspective.

Final Look: This Samus looks like something off “The Hills Have Eyes”

The armcannon colors are really nice.

But yeah, if you want to make it more proportionally accurate with better lineart, I suggest shrinking it to at least half its current size and zooming in for details, because I doubt anyone other than Sloth would be up for fixing up something that huge.

i would critisice but i can’t paint; I can only draw

Sloth’s samus drools

Yes. It’s mainly the proportions.

Yeah thanks for the critisism but I always draw things free hand from a refrence image sorta like my avatar. And ive never taken an art class and don’t plan on :smiley:>

i think its nice for a paint drawing…