My own Metroid sprites

I have been working on these for some time. I am planning to make a game with them. Until recently, that was just a dream, but then I found your webby’s links page and, more specifically, Mason McCoy’s webby. I now have a programmer to make the game.

Here’s what I got so far.

Comments, critiques?

P.S. I have a working animated .gif of Samus walking, but I dunno how to post moving pictures on the web.

Not bad, but the running sprites look pretty wonky.

Could I use those for me and flyinrooster’s fangame? We will give credit. :smiley:

EDIT: And you show GIFs by registering at imageshack here Then you upload your GIF and then after you upload it, it will show you code for forums. Choose code 1. Then copy and paste it in here.

thanx for looking for sprites, but those are his, and he probably wants his game to be original (assuming that ur a he, and sorry for speaking for u). plus, i want mine to be original, so we need to make our own, but we can take tiles and miscellaneous sprites (well “ask” not “take”) and those kind of things. although the programming is ok, i really need a good game engine. btw, very good sprites! the walking is a bit wierd, but much much better than anything that i could do.

Thankee! I’ll register right away and post that .gif, and y’all will see that the walking isn’t wonky at all. :slight_smile: And the sprite with the leg sticking straight out, isn’t being used…oh, and I made them kinda out of order, that could be why it looks funny. :stuck_out_tongue:

And, for future reference, I am a he, and I would like to keep my work my own(unless I reeaally like you.:stuck_out_tongue:).

EDIT:I am now registered.


(I only changed one of the walking sprites since I made this, so it now looks more smooth)

it looks better than i thought, good job!

Nicely made but the running needs a lot of work.

It only looks choppy becaus it’s looping back to the non-moving sprite, which is slighly taller than the others. And as I said, I fixed one of the legs to make it look better. Thanks for the comments, I’ll keep y’all updated as I go! :slight_smile:

No, it looks choppy because the legs move funky.

Looks like Samus is dancing. Haha! DDR with Samus! That’d be a sight to see. Also, you’re missing about two frames more of animation needed. Good job so far though. Just lose the dance unless it’s gonna be like the Macarena for background music. :laughing:

How do the legs move funky? Watch someone walking…that’s how people walk. Unless Samus is supposed to hover or something…?

It’s just jerky and not fluid at all.

as an improvement, make it so when she runs, keep her gun straight, but make her arms move.

Wouldn’t change much. She keeps her arm on her gun sometimes when running.

i know, and as another improvement, u should give her more thrust in her step.

The only reason it’s not fluid is because it jumps back to the still-standing image, which is several pixles taller than the others.

ya, that makes sense. but like i said, it should have a bit more thrust.

BZZT! WRONG! No, it’s just, you know, NOT FLUID. -.- Stop making excuses and make more transition sprites. It’s the goddamned legs, not how tall she gets. That doesn’t look that bad. Put half as much effort into spriting as you do into excuses, and you could have a nice animation there. :wink:

man, Daz, ur sorta like my dad. brutally honest for the benefit of others. :wink:

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