My(not so) amazing feat(any more)!

Has anyone else beaten mp1 withought an important upgrade? If so please reply :smiley:

It’s so EASY. Just do the Thardus Dash to avoid battling him. sheesh.

Yeah man, people have beaten the game without the gravity suit, the grapple beam, the thermal visor, etc. Hell, it wasn’t too long ago that people found out how to skip the varia suit and still get through magmoor caverns.

Uhh, I don’t think so. On They have a video of a guy attempting to do it. it’s impossible, Unless you have some kind of cheating system on.

[strangemode]you just have to have lucky and aways recover your energy by killing the enemies, and have lucky so the enemyes will left an energy so you can recover you energy … [/strangemode]

BUUUUUTTT!! i cleared Metroid Prime without using a memory card!! thats right folks,i could even die or turn off the video game ! now that is something… stupid…

Whoa! You’re quite the fanatic. :>_>:

dude, what hole have you been living in for this time? Through the abilities of the secret worlds, you can get a fourth energy tank (and the ice beam for that matter :stuck_out_tongue: ) and get through magmoor. It only requires you to be a metroid god and get through in 49 seconds, but by all means it can be done.

It can even be done with just 3 tanks, but you just have to go through magmoor a different way.

What’s the current record anyway, like, 21% items? :stuck_out_tongue: Spiderball is nothing, kid.

thanks :smiley: but actualy i didn’t buy the card so i just had to do it without it… now i’m trying to clear echoes not using memory card(i still dont have one) i arealy died on the first trip to dark aeter and then the secound time i got more far and died on amorbis, hey you guys want to see where i died on metroid prime 1? look

the first time i played i died on the escaping sequence of the frigate
secound: magmoor caverns
4rt:phazon mines(damm colored pirates)
5ft:phazon mines(on that dinamo)
6xt:omega pirate
7: i did not know how to find the rest of the tokens(i forgot the name) and i was too tired!.. i was playing for 14 hours i think…and it was very late…so i just turned the video game off…
8:impact crater


remember… when i died in those places i almost aways turned the video game off and got away from him about 1 or 2 days so i started play again from the very begining and progress a little further,then i died again and once again i steped away from the console for a few more days so i could start again… (otherwise i would problably get my mind screwed up)

Meh. I have not even attempted to sb the prime series. Too much for my brain to handle. Lol just kiddin but really, I have only sb’d the 2d games. Cept Fusion. Game is like a brick.

:confused: what the hell is the thardus dash?

you make a scan dash (i think) to avoid battle thardus!

what the hell is the scan dash?

using the scan visor, scan something too far away,and do a dash like you would when using the combat visor.