my new site

strike back

Uh…that backround is pretty annoying. if you want I good backround use something subtle. Also one of your sprites are more recolored then sprited and the other one isdecent. One last thing you put too many special effects at once. Its not bad but you can make it better.

Nice Avatar.

Isn’t advertizing agaisnt the rules?

Uh…no i dont think so. As long as it isnt a link to a bad site.
i`ll remove the link anyway and open a new thread in Fangames.

And “custom” is spelled wrong.

Ok you just broke the rule :sweat: .

Burns my eyes.

You need a major overhaul on the site. Get a new layout, and move to a server that suppourts PHP. PHP is your friend :wink:.

Aura are you talking about my site? If you are I didn`t think that the backround burned peoples eyes. :smiley: I did update the site and I just put up a forum. So join!! What is php? :confused:

Edit: The layout is ok just get rid of the backround.

What’s PHP stand for?

There should be a forum for stuff like this.

What is PHP???

good lord that musics kiling me but its pretty good :O_O: rips out brian throws it on the ground and stomps it

great site! love the background, it rulez, the mutatroid metroid sprite looks sweet, but what is diffrent about the omega matroid and the Makutroid apart from the colour? well, cant wait to see some comix