My missile sprite

hey i have this well missile sprite that id like to post but… i know this is kind of stupid but how do i post it?

k thx thats a start

but how do i load it from my pictures

and how do i post it if its animation consisting of 3 sub-images?

Just load the animation.

Did you save the thing?

Is it a GIF Animation?

Upload it on

(Click browse on the first page, then look for it and then upload it)

Then copy the direct link provided…

Then paste it here…

Copy it by selecting it and then pressing CTRL+C

Paste it my pressing CTRL+V


i dont think that loaded as an animation…i cant even see it

double post fixed by 072

Copy the Direct link. It’s the one at the bottom, and has the word Direct to the right of it…

Anyways… You accidentally added an extra v at the end. Try this link:…missile32ib.png

needes shading etc…a lot of work needs to be done

ok do u have any shading advice?

and also regardless of the shading how does it look…of course i dont even know if the animation is there…

Looks good to me. It’s just so small.

thx. enlarging it wont be a problem.

but did the animation show up or is it just 1 picture?

single picture, no animation.
For quickly making a sprite animation, I’d use GIF animator. I know it’s a crappy program, but whatever…