my idea

well, there it is. be sure to have a look at it properly, and then imagine using it. im thinking of showing it to microsoft or someone, cuz it would be awsome to have that. it could replace keyboards and mouses, and doubles as a game controller. btw, got no idea if this has been made before, but if it has, i will be buying one.

your thoughts?

p.s, its not meant to be shaded or anything, but i will shade later, to make it look better.

uhh… i own something like that and it came from microsoft. sorry to burst your bubble.

whats its name/price?

Wow the keyboard will have to be too big for human hands to operate confortably if you want to be able to press the keys without accidently hitting others.

… but mice are universally considered better than analog sticks for anything besides walking in games and stuff like that… clicking, aiming, etc are all much better with a mouse.

Besides, I’ve seen tons of those at CompUSA. They even sell specialized attachments for specific games to optimize playability.

hmm… how big would this contraption be? it seems that because of the odd mouse button placements(“left/right click”), that this would have to be about the size of a NDS to effectively and comfortably use the mouse ‘click’ buttons… and then the keyboard would be way to small. so really i wonder which you would rather have work the best: the keyboard or the built in ‘mouse’

i also wonder whether you would hold it like a game controller, using the analog stick and d pad, or set it down like a keyboard. ?_?

yeah, it would be about the size of the ds, but i noticed, most game controllers have the d-pad on the left, which this dosent…

lol. there is NO way you can comfortably fit a whole keyboard on a DS without having the keys too small to hit only 1 at a time.

so the keyboard would be hard to use, which would be the main problem. i agree that the d-pad should be on the oposite side of the analog stick, preferably on the left.

i think you would have to decide whether to be replacing the mouse OR the keyboard. i think that the mouse is better for gaming than any analog stick or d-pad. so you might want to have a reasonable sized keyboard with a d-pad on the left, no analoge stick, and no mouse buttons.

or, you could have a keyboard with a touch pad mouse (like a laptop) and buttons to the right. maybe a d-pad on the left of the keys. you wouldnt be able to hold this in your hand like a controller, but you could use everything effectivly.

then again, a touch pad mouse wouldnt be as great as a normal mouse for aiming or movement. :confused: