My hands are cold...

This isn’t so much a statement as it is a question. Whenever my hands are cold, it makes it painful to type. Heck, when my hands get really cold, it even makes using the mouse difficult.

So my question is: What physical attributes do you have that make working on a computer difficult? Or rather, is your computer time affected by external physical conditions?

I know my worst one is, of course, cold hands. Cold hands, of course, means cold fingers, and it just makes typing a nightmare for my hands.

Another one I have a problem with is my chair. It causes me to slouch, so I either have to sit on the edge of it to sit up or slouch while working at the computer and get up to find my back really sore from sitting like that for a couple hours. This also makes me adjust my position in my computer chair every 15 minutes or so. However, this is more of me complaining about my chair than an actual problem, really. What I’m really looking for is people to tell me about their “cold hands” and how it makes it hard for them to work at a computer.

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