My Gamecube is broken

It will not load up any games to play all it said please insert gamecube game I did and still said the same thing, I have no choice but the get the new Nintendo Wii so I can play my games on there again. :cry: :angry: :angry:

oh too bad… go cry some more.

and then go buy the wII =D =P =) =)

Troid92’s magic GCN disc-reading tutorial:

  • Take out disc with two fingers on opposite edges
  • Grab it with the other hand, with the thumb on the outer edge and the index finger on the inner edge
  • In the now free hand, grab some clean cloth, such as a shirt, and slide a part of the cloth from the inside of the disc outwards in all directions. Apply no moisture.
  • Open GCN
  • Lightly set disc on top of the small cylinder that spins
  • Push the small cylinder down with one hand
  • With the other hand, push the disc down
  • Release the disc, then the small cylinder
  • Close GCN
  • Push the power button
  • MAGIC =D

If your discs are extremely scratched up because of very poor handling, or you’ve been just shoving your discs into the GCN for a while, I can’t guarantee that this will work. Otherwise, it should read the disc about 99% of the time, even when it normally doesn’t read discs very well.

Now… To take disc out:

  • Open GCN
  • Push the small cylinder in the center of the disc
  • Grab disc by opposite edges
  • Store away in the game case it came in
  • Close GCN.

really… that was all common sense. it actually sounds like a tut for the mentally disabled XD

good tut nonetheless

Not exactly. Most discs should be rubbed in a circle around them. GCN discs are different. Most people grab the disc on the sides, instead of edges, and smudge and scratch the side that is read. Most people stick the disc on the small cylinder and push down on the disc only, not the cylinder. And sometimes people don’t use the cases they came with, other methods possibly better or worse than the cases, most likely worse.

The other stuff is a idiot-proofed, though :wink:

Or the lens on your GCN must be scratched, you should notice a grey sign when you open it saying “Do not touch the lens”.

If it isn’t the disc that is causing this, it must be the lens.

The lens are located behind the cylinder, it shouldn’t be hard to notice it when you open it.

Its not the lens or the game disc, there these things that sence if the lid is close or open and that what wrong with it, the things that sence if the lid is close are under the door side where the spring is and there broken off so it think that the lid is open all the time (when it close to).

And that pice you can’t get it at the store.

( it like these to thing sticking out that contacts the lid but those things are broken off and cant repair them)

I know about what it say about not touching the lens and I check my games for any scratches none and the lens as well.

hmm… if theres a warrenty on it, by all means ship it back to nintendo, if not, i’m afraid you’ll have to buy a new one.

No warrenty on it so I just see if Player 2 will buy it form me.

i had the same problem so i brought it to a place to see if i could be fixed and they said no, so i saved up for a month, bought a new one and then my old worked again -.-, my old one wasnt working cuz i accidently got disk cleaning spray inside T.T

actually, some windex works wonders.

meh, dont take chances, water is fine.

Nail polish remover is really good for taking out scratches

OMG, you poor thing. I hope you fix it somehow.

Now you can ship your old one to WaroftheWorlds

Yeah, but my magic tutorial is for sticking any disc inside a GCN, scratched or not. It’s just better for the GCN overall. Are you saying you should just use windex and watch your disc magically get inside your cube and begin playing? :stuck_out_tongue:

no, what im saying is that to clean it you can use windex

it all depends on how you treat your product. do you take your frustration out on your cube when you loose a game? gamecubes arent meant to be thrown out the window or beaten with a bat.

Nope I don’t slam my gamecube on the floor it was my cousin that done it. So family member + game or concles dont mix unless there a teens or some thing.

well the gamecube has alot of titles for the younger kids so maybe its build to take a beating?