My friend just got...

…hit by a car. I can’t believe it. I need a lot of support and help to get through this. Dude, this is serious. I wouldn’t have made a topic about this if it wasn’t. Come here to grieve with me and hope to God that he gets better soon. :cry: :cry: :cry:

I feel sorry for your friend. :cry:
I hope he gets better :smiley:

Thanks. This is tough for me. And him…

I have a best friend too and i’d feel sorry if my friend got ran over by a car so i know how you feel.

P.S when did this happen?

Edit:My best friend moved 1 hour away now but i still call him and visit him once and a while.

Yesterday. he didn’t really get run over, and he didn’t quite die, but he broke his leg and got reaaaaaaaaally hurt.

Was alcohol involved? >_<

Que triste, indeed. Sorry to hear that.

My friend got hit by a car last year. He’s up and running now, though. Same thing will happen to your friend too, so don’t worry.


I concur with everyone else here- not good at all.

Here’s wishing your friend a good recovery.

Well thank you all for your kind and loving support (kinda cheesy, aint it?) :stuck_out_tongue:
But really, thanks.

im really sorry to hear that. I got hit by a car when i was little and (dont laugh) cried horribly with no broken bones, can still remember it.

I 'm sorry you got hit by a car

I hope he gets better unlike my friend last year died after a car crash in the Hospital 2 hour later. I’m still upset about that he was a real good friend. :cry:
and alcohol was involved( I hate alcohol I wish they banned it)

And CM75 I support you and your friend and hope for the best.

I really didn’t expect so many people to reply. :sweat:
Well, thanks again! :frowning: :smiley: :frowning: :smiley:

It’s horrible when something happens to someone close to you, isn’t it? My sympathies, and good wishes. I hope he gets better.

We’re with you all the way.

um… im not good with comforting people, but… i bet he’ll make it. ill pray for him!

and Jetman’s right. we’re with you.

Lol. I prayed once. It actually worked! :smiley: I prayed that I wouldn’t be sick on a fieldtrip. :laughing:

i know. it does.

It’s strange. My friend’s dad broke his hip in a biking accident this past Saturday, and your friend got hit as well. Hope he gets better.

My other friend broke his leg skiing. He’s fine now though. Got his cast off.

my dad hit a car and got his shoulder -blam!-ed up, but that waz like a year ago…