My first real sprite

This is my first sprite i made it from scratch whatcha think?

Larger Version

Pillowshading? Outline? Bad shape? Wrong colors? Low detail? Overall lack of roundness? I think it’s a pretty durn bad sprite. But I guess it’s okay for a first attempt…I’m not really sure because I don’t even remember my first attempt. :stuck_out_tongue:
But here, please, examine this and figure out how to do some things better.
It’s not as good as Metroid Handler’s, but eh, it’s an okay example. :stuck_out_tongue:

How bout dis one?

Larger Version

Better… but the shoulders and chest lights are inaccurate, and, er… why is it only a partial view? Also, the gun is way too short.

theres only partial view cause its not really a game sprite, its a sprite art sorta, also have u tried I-Draw? its simple like paint but the down side is that your limited to 256 colors, but i also think that helps some people but im getting o ff topic,
so at least iknow im getting better.can sum 1 show me a large example for a sprite to help me cuz i can hardly see the ones you guys post, so maybe a zoomed pic plz.

Good for first sprites.

Zoom tools are useful. Try it out sometime.
Unless you’re on a Mac, just right-click on the example, select Copy, then go and paste it in Paint/a Paint-like program and zoom in. :confused:
If you are on a Mac, you’re out of luck. I haven’t used one of those in at least a month, and before that, in at least five months. :>_>: That is to say, I don’t know what to do on a Mac anymore.

mac is stupid

Is not. I may be a Windows user, but I recognize the value of Macintosh. They make very high quality machines, and their aesthetic value outweighs that of Microsoft by about ten thousand.

Besides, without Mac, we’d not have MS, because then they’d have a monopoly on the PC market, and that’s illegal. :slight_smile:

I still think it sucks

I think you’re insane. :slight_smile:

The machines are junk–you can’t even change the hardware without being magic…and my Mac has crashed more times than my Windows. In fact, I think my Windows computer has crashed a total of two times in the history of its existence. Also, it’s practically impossible to get a Mac back into a working state when it messes up…whereas it’s easy to get a Windows (well, in general, any computer classified as a PC) working again.

As for the monopoly thing, I think that being illegal is plain stupid to begin with. Sure, with a monopoly, they can raise prices extremely high. Doesn’t mean they WILL. As a matter of fact, even without being a monopoly, they raise prices as high as they can, as long as people keep buying the product. (A little boycottin’ goes a long way!)

Money in itself is a silly idea. Manual labor pays little, but takes a lot of work. Brainwork pays a lot, but it doesn’t take much work. (I’d know. :smiley:) So all in all, it’s unbalanced and an overall worthless system. Working for someone in exchange for them working for you sounds like a much nicer idea. On the other hand, I think the best idea of all is only volunteer work: everyone should be supplied with the necessities, and for anything else they want, they should simply ask someone skilled in that area. (Note: I’m not a communist…things would be owned by the people who made them, unless they gave them away. That means the government has no control over what people do with the things they made. It’d just be nice of everyone to be giving like that, wouldn’t it? Bah, I’m imagining a perfect world.)

But this is off-topic. It’s Taru’s sprite topic, not “Mason hates money!” or “058 likes Mac!”