My first game and... i need an engine

Ok, I have offically started my first fangame, Metroid: Eternal darness [working title]
and i have all of the baisic sprites, but i have no idea, or intention, to code my game, so … does anyone have an engine i can use??? IT has to have like, baisics, 8-dir. aiming, screw attacking, space jump, ladder climbing and ladder aiming. By baisics i baisicly mean: jump, run, speed boost,shoot,charge, and all that $*&^.
Cleared that up pretty much. time for a briefing on the game:

takes place after fusion
B.S.L. has built a new base above and on SR388. But there’s a problem, the space pirates descovered Phazon on the planet and also have built mines. Knowing this job is too dangerous for themselves,B.S.L. hires Samus Aran to eradicate the planet of the Space pirate presence.
In the begining samus is sent to the new space station so she can restore her Chozo armor. After Switching suits The SA-X takes control of the Fusion suit, and activates the self destruct sequence. While Escaping you will run into a lab and notice Phazon that you returned after your mission on Aether, and it transforms into Dark Samus! Dark samus just disappears.

There will be two final bosses, one for the first 1/2, nd a real final boss,

1/2 way final boss:

 1: Super metroid
 2: Meta Ridly
 3:Queen Super Metroid

1:Metroid fusion
2:SA-X 2’nd form
3:fused SA-X and Metroid fusion

Old weapons:
same as always + phazon

New weapons:
1:X-Capture - you can obsorb x again
2:Hyper Screw Attack - can kill metroids now
3:Charge Bomb - Does Double bomb damage, opens ch. bmb. doors
4:charge missles: can do double damage, opens ch. mssle. doors
5: phazon beam: will infect enemys with phazon
6:energy beam: takes no energy, baisically overcharges enemys energy

so… tired… more… w h e n i have m o r e…

Sorry, but getting an idea and ripping sprites off of a sprite site is NOT enough to start a game, maybe if someone else says they will start a game, you can try to tell them those ideas, but until then, just wait, you are not ready to do a game, especially one you just watch others make while you get the glory.

And your avatar itself says n00b!

… What the hell?

You say that you have no intention to make your own game,
so why would I even give you MY engine? No offence but your
plot is terrible… So many plot holes, makes me bleed! First off,
The BSL and SR-388 were both destroyed, the Federation would not build
another one… There are so many things wrong with the plot…

What really bugs me is you want US to make the WHOLE entire game for you.
You only gather a few sprites and tell us to make the engine AND the game for
you. Learn to make games yourself, begging for an engine won’t get you anywhere.

EDIT: Metroid Eternal Darness? :sweat:
Um… What the heck is a Darness?
If you want to make a game, at least
spell your own title right…

OK… and i thought i was a nerd who the hell says noob, uh, someone with no friggin life.
SCREW YOU GUYS, I’M GOING HOME, because, unlike everyone else here, i have a life

Shrander, you are a bitch, Dragon, right here buddy: CENSORED GIANT DETAILED RUDE HAND GESTURE IMAGE

i really dont care if i get banned, justa’ let ya no,


Troid edit: Post censored.

Woah woah WOAH. STOP.

Shrander and Dragon may have been a little harsh, but that does not mean you can throw a tantrum and flame them for spending time to give you feedback.

This topic is what Dragon and Shrander were trying to explain–You were just giving a thrown-together story for your fangame with a few ideas and expecting others to do all the work for you, at least as far as we can tell from your topic post. That’s all they were saying, and they were bluntly telling you how to fix the problem.

So you knew you were going to get into trouble? Then WHY DID YOU POST THAT? If you want to join a forum and get feedback about your topic, you have to learn to accept that critisism instead of just flaming everyone for no reason. Unless you just go around doing this everywhere just to be an annoying troll. :unamused:

So, congrats on your warning, and if you actually WANT to be banned from here, just go ahead and tell us (with the sentence “I want to be banned”, not expressing that in other ways). But if you choose to stay, I never want to see this kind of behavior again.

In other news, good luck with the fangame, and I do disagree with half of what Shrander and Dragon said also.

agh, not phazon again…

truthfully, i have had enough of the whole phazon thing, it worked good for prime, but else, it becomes a tool for people to make something “special” with phazon…

note: this is aimed at generally most people who use phazon, some can do it well…

this i am afraid is not you…

might want to work on that man, and trust me

you will enjoy making an engine on your own, it lets you do whatever you want with it! :slight_smile:

Wow. It’s a shame I wasn’t here at the time.

Hey Biggot, if you want to whine and call everyone else a lifeless nerd when you suck at being a nerd yourself (by not being able to do anything nerdish anyway), then you can either do it to your family (who will conversly beat you for being such an ass) or go take your bullshit elsewhere and get flamed far worse than you were here (since this forum is rather light hearted in comparison).

Make your game yourself for God’s sake. Learn to program, learn to sprite, learn how to not be a pile of worthless shit.


i never said anything like that about this person in an attempt to be polite…

…thought i thought it…very very much…

anyways, really though, if i were you, i might start with something easier to program with ( im not saying your stupid or anything), its just it is much faster, and easier, though it will still give you breathing room for creativity if you ever decide to use some (im not saying you dont have any), anyways, might want to try working on that, so you can better understand how much effort this will really take if you ever want it done (im not saying nobody will EVER make a game for you…)

[size]…im not saying 2 + 2 is equal to 4 but…

it damn well seems to be true…[/size]


Flames aside, it’s a simple fact: your idea sucks. Sorry, but it’s true.

Allow me to elaborate before you attack me for saying that:

We’ve seen it a million times before. “lol lets put every single enemy and item and story aspect together in one giant fusion that makes no sense according to canon and make a game out of it” seems to be the #1 most popular Metroid fangame idea, and “lol i have nothing but a bunch of ripped sprites and a lame idea so make my game plz” is the #2. Get some originality, get an idea that doesn’t contradict itself and established canon in twenty ways at once, calm the hell down, and try again.

Oh, and by the way, when you spend your free time flaming people you’ve never met on a forum you just showed up at, you forfeit all right to say ANYONE needs a life. Claim what you will about your own, but we come here to enjoy the community and share ideas–hardly a waste of time, when you consider that that’s basically what people do offline or on when talking to people. You on the other hand come here to waste away time with horribly overused and meaningless insults while simultaneously begging for help one a project that can’t possibly get off the ground, especially with your lack of personal contributions.

Let’s see here. First off, SR388 is no more. I don’t know what the hell the “metroid fusion” is supposed to be (fission metroid maybe?), but no metroid can fuse with an X. Meta Ridley was a failed experiment that most likely will not be brought back (since Ridley’s been resurrected twice since, and neither time did they bother). Dark Samus is destroyed permanently in MP3. BSL is destroyed (it’s not an organization, it’s a space station), and if you meant the Federation, there’s no way they’d hire Samus right after she disobeyed orders and cost them billions of credits and valuable research. All SA-X’s were destroyed, and most likely all normal X as well. MP3 also ends the saga of Phazon, meaning it will not be able to return in a later game.

So every single minute thread of plot you have is completely impossible according to canon. Lovely.

I got here a little late, but there’s nothing else to add to the conversation. If we’re lucky, you’ll probably never come back anyway.

Quoted For Truth

Although I think Adam did say at some point of the game, “It’s possible
that there are X in other parts of the galaxy”. So there is still a slight
possibility of there being X around. Although I really hope I’m wrong
because I hate the X.

No, I think what he said was more along the lines of “then the X can spread to other parts of the galaxy”, refering to the urgency of Aran’s mission.

wow im beginning to think that we have another spoiled brat on our hands… glad if ya get banned cus we dont want your type here…

Damn, we scared him off the internets… I always love it when stupid people try to say others have no life in forums on the internet… also, why did he say “SCREW YOU GUYS, I’M GOING HOME, because, unlike everyone else here, i have a life” if he was already at his house to make the message, and how being at your house gives you a life? Long rant short: He’s stupid. [/offtopic]

Well, basically (oops, I mean “baisically,” according to you) what everybody else said, just actually get help on how to code stuff yourself instead of asking others to do it for you.

PS: nice new avatar, it suits your personality well (I’m a spoiled 4th grader (Eric Cartman in case it’s gone))

Well, we all know this ame is not going anywhere. The “creator”
left the forum and probably won’t come back. Maybe this should
be locked?

Good riddence. Normally I’d feel bad and chastise us all (myself included) for that conduct, but every one of his posts embodied the stereotypical noob troll.

Kid, if you ever come back, smarten up, and want to work on a game again, feel free, but don’t show your face around here again until you grow the hell up.