My fangame

well i started kind of making my own p2d and i got carried away and now its something else. its kind of random too, but it has 9 rooms and the controls are pretty smooth. how can i post it on here? (i suck with computers, but im good with gamemaker) yeah that doesnt really make sense

Put it in a zip file or something, upload it ( works), post a link. :stuck_out_tongue:

k thx i’ll try that hold on one sec

i dont even have instructions yet though so i’ll post them here

arrow keys-if u dont know what these do u need help
A key-jump, spin jump etc.
S key-power beam; u can shoot a charge beam but its kind of screwed up
D key-missile(i made it) :smiley:

oh yeah and in the 7th room dont fall in the pit

hah ok hold on

upload it? why would i submit things to fileplanet’s editors?

er… Filespace, not Fileplanet >.> I get those confused a lot, sorry.

raises hand I’ll help with your game sir!
Dont say this is lame sir!
I’ll spend a couple gand sir,
All for your game sir!
Some know me as the Drag-Man!
Some the ham-Man!
Some the F****** ban man mamm!
Can I play your game sir!?
Games make my mind stir!
I’ll spend a couple gran sir,
All on your game sir!
All from the drag-Man!
The guy with the hand ban!
Now I know no GM!
No Code Breakers!
No soul breakers!
No, no, no, no MIND!!!

If you still can’t upload it, email it to me, I’ll host it on the server. Click my email button to send me an email :wink:

thx but it wont let me paste it so i can e-mail it to u

Dragon… what the heck. That’s all I have to say. What the heck. Was that just random?

and what’s the story to the game?

um… its probably going to be the same as metroid prime considering this is another p2d…

Not sure what you mean, but you can’t paste files into an email, you have to add them as attachments. Try again if you still want…

Can you give me it too?