my fangame forum

lol i cant read rules i fail … ? I’m sorry but I’m not impressed.

whats the big deal? so i used invisionfree, who cares? It dont look that bad.
Plu i wasnt asking about how it looks, i was asking about how good the actual forums are. And Id like people to post their fangames on it. And um, this forum is also invisionfree, so, wuts your point? Just cuz i didt actually make the skin? Is that what you mean? Explain yourself.

anybody gonna join? i know i am…

Sorry, but I thought that having links to personal sites or other forums was prohibited unless it was in a signature? It’s not in the rules, but I distinctly remember hearing that before… Could a modmin check me on that please?

meh, i dont think it matters that much, does it? it would certainly be more useful…

…too bad this site gets more traffic than any other site listed from this one i have ever seen.

this site is just awesome like that. okay exposure, with good people

i think it states in the rules topic that forum “advertisement” is prohibited…

i prolly wont join, although it sounds cool =)

so am i allowed to have this on here or not?

you can have it in your sig, but not as a thread i think…

ok, delete this topic then.

Why don’t you actually try reading the rules instead of posting a topic then whining because you don’t know if it’s illegal? -_-