My err.. Stuff

I’ve been delving into Flash 8 ever since I left here, but it turns out that the little spriting experience I got here really paid off. So thatnks for that, everyone.

Metal Gear Rex - Actually this is my first real attempt at using gradients.

BFG test fire animation - Showcases my Madness Combat styled BFG 9000 and Marine character along with a short animation of it firing. This is the BFG and my Marine in several still poses.

Morita Mark II Pulse Rifle - A gun I made in my earlier Flash days, I also made the carbine version of it.

Series 3 Plasma Gun - Another weapon from Doom 3. It’s a lot more detailed than usual, though I plan on simplifying it for animation purposes.

Painted Madness - Sprites of Hank from MC made completely in Microsoft Paint. Made it for the fanart section on Krinkels’ web page.

Roughnecks Morita - This is the version of the Morita Pulse rifle seen in the 3D animated series Roughnecks: Starship Troopers Crhonicles. This is the same gun with the lineart still applied.

Low-poly Handgun - A low-poly handgun made with the sole purpose of being modded into a first-person shooter. Texture’s weren’t mine.

GLP 9000 - A custom weapon I designed during Biology class (lol), takes elements from the OICW, G36, and XM8 Assault Rifles.

FN Model 1903 - A World War One era semi-automatic pistol made by FN (Fabrique Nationale). Gradients and no-lines versions included.

Standoff - A little medieval battle scene done using a graphite pencil and scanned into the computer. Used a reference but didn’t trace.

There’s more, but they’re Madness things (guns/characters) so I only included the notable MC pieces.

Jesus, those rock. >_>

Those are all good, but the first pistol is left handed. I don’t know if you meant to do that or not…

The animation looks nice and fluid to me, and the styling is effective.

the animation?

oh… the dude shooting the gun.

at any rate, those are some hot… err… what do we call them?

i drool over that last pistol…thats…thats all that needs to be said man…its pretty much RE remake quality…

0_0 holy crap
. . .

. . .

. . .

Syntax Man is impressed.

I really like these two. :wink:

How did you get lighting into Flash? Do you use Flash MX 2004?

Butch - Heheh, I knew you would. =P

SNIPER - Lighting? The only way to do lighting is to manually do it yourself. The pistol uses gradients which I had to set up and apply. And no, I use Flash 8.

Manually how? Are you saying that you can actually start coloring pixel by pixel a la Paint in Flash 8?
P.S. 500 Posts! Elite Pirate!

Wha? Wtf, Flash has absolutely nothing to do with pixel-pushing. It’s called tuning and applying color gradients. Flash 8 is nothing like MS Paint. It’s more like a dumbed down Photoshop with animation capability.

Had the line art done for awhile. Was bored enough to finish it today. How is it?


That looks amazing! :O_O:
EDIT: Actually, the guy on the left has the most awkward leg position ever <_<

That looks awesome. The rocks look like houses, so it makes them look like giants. D:

Timaster - That’s how it was in the ref… He’s just getting off on a jump, but yeah, I see your point.

Rewrite - I forgot what rocks looked like XD


anyway, i like it.