My controll setup thingy

arrow keys remainn the same

v- jump, boost
c- shoot, scan, bomb, ect
x- change weapons (like sm select button)
z- diagonal (same as zm)
p- pause
ctrl- change visors

i experimented with the controls, and eventually came up with this. i noticed that there is a seperate button for missles, but swiching weapons from the 4 beams to missles would be easier. (like super meroid) same would apply to bombs and power bombs. and there dosent need to be 2 diagonal buttons, zm only had one with L trigger and that worked fine.


that setup is awkward to the extreme.

But in any case, I don’t think DF is gonna listen to it and I definitely am not considering it.

The control setup MetEngine will use is, mind you, FIXED, (meaning I won’t be taking any suggestions).

If anyone hasn’t seen it from the last related topic:

Arrow Keys - Movement
A - Jump / Boost
S - Fire Beams / Lay Bombs
W - Fire Missiles / Lay Power Bombs
D - Morph / Unmorph
Shift - Diagonal aiming / Target Change (Scan visor)
Space - Grapple Beam / Display Scan Results

if you are wondering what ‘Display scan results’ means, I changed the scannign system. You no longer scan stuff manually. You shift to the scan visor, and the scan visor automatically scans anything that is scannable in range to 100%, and marks targets when so. Then, you simply choose a target with shift, and ‘complete’ the Scan (and display the results) by pressing Space.

It’s much more natural, much more intuitive, and much faster.

You mean fixed like the way you control samus (for example: press a button to morph and not being able to morph with down twice)

or do you mean the key layout? (not being able to change a s w d)

If the key layout is fixed, then I HIGHLY suggest you making that customisable.
a s w d doesn’t work with azerty keyboads (like mine, used in Belgium and some other countries) Customisable keys are easy to program and make the controls a lot more user-friendly, you should really consider it…

To King metroid, my controls are customisable, so you can set all the key as you like. And 2 diagonal keys are a LOT easier to play with then one, so I’m sticking to the super metroid system, not mzm.

What?!? on a keyboard one is alot better than two aiming keys

CFX: About the scan visor: it’d be more similar to Metroid Prime, and, uh, better if you made it at least so it only scans one thing at a time. It shouldn’t be that much harder… just make it so only the selected icon is scannable. And that way, you wouldn’t be able to just run down corridors to get all the scans.

I would normally agree, but I think that traditional scanning doesn’t mix well with 2d metroid. It would be quite a long and annoying process.

But no scan-dashing then? =P

So how the hell would charge combos work with missiles and beams being separately selectable?

Besides, if MF only did one thing right, it was to get rid of the incredibly shitty select system. If Prime only did one thing right (and it did a lot more, but still), it was making missiles available alongside beams at the tap of a button instantly.

Why would we take two massive steps backwards?

D right
A left
W aimup
S crouch
Space jump
Q & E cycle through weapons
Z & C cycle through visors
Shift?? missle toggle
Enter?? shoot

who else likes that one? you can basically do everything with one hand. =P
oh wait, maybe i should make another topic for this…

this is an update. i just realized i didnt have a diagnal shoot button, so here goes…

D right
A left
W aimup
S crouch
Q diagnal left
E diagnal right
Space jump
1-4 cycle through weapons
5-8 cycle through visors
[button to be decided] shoot
[button to be decided] missile toggle

>_> their’s an edit button ya know, but the setup is. . .ok.

fine… i’ll delete that and put it in the previous >.>

i do realize there is an edit button though, but now im thinking that double post wasnt such a fabulous idea.