my bunny rabbit...

my bunny rabbit is sick and i think he might die…

he was such a cool rabbit too! :smiley:

i hope hes gunna be alright or… :cry:

hope the rabbit gets better, best of luck to you! (and your bunny)

My aunt has three rabbits. One has catarax in both eyes. You have my sympathy.

Pets FTW!!! Pets are awsome and if you never had at least a gold fish as a child you are deprived. I pity the deprived :frowning: . Also, good luck with your bunny. My friend had bunnies and they were awsome :slight_smile: . Then they all died :frowning: .

I had a Goldfish. Now I have Turtles that have a 50 year life expectancy.

50? I thought it was like 200 something

Those are Galapogas Tortoises.

WEWT!1! hes gunna be OK… nothing wrong after all =P

What was it in the first place?

dont laugh but… his “urine” (GAHA I SAID THE U WORD!!! XD) was red like blood so we had to get it tested and it turned out to be just fine. the vet told us that it can sometimes take different colors depending on what they eat (i know, wierd)

and, yes, i know, i might have been over-reacting, but, meh… whatever.

so, that about puts it in a nutshell :smiley:

Human urine can change color too.

That is good its okay!I have a pet bird but it is fine.

My bird died. But it turned feral anyway.

Time to necropost. My rabbit has now died. He had a disease called pasteurellosis and I decided it would be best to euthanize him due to the pain it was probably causing him and the pain it would cause him in the future. He had recently gone completely blind. He couldn’t eat properly anymore, and I think that was the tipping point for me.

Anyway… he was a good rabbit. He will live through my memories of him.

You do realize that this is the MOTHER of all bumps, right?
And my condolences on your loss. I love rabbits.

worst. bump. ever.


holy shit it’s been a while

also, “necropost” I lilzed