My 3D Levels

These are pictures for my 3D levels I’ve made using the somewhat primitive program called sketchUp. So far, I only have one: the multiplayer level Lockout from Halo 2. I’m not done yet, and I will add more later.

So far, I have the Sniper Tower:
One from the front……er/Lockout1.jpg

And one from the back.…er/Lockout2.jpg

edit: whoops those links didnt work. i’ll have to change that…

The links are broken, and when I fix them in my URL bar, Photobucket says they no longer exist.

just fixed em.

That’s pretty sweet, actually. And, from the few times I’ve ever played Halo/Halo 2, I think I’ve played that level… Or at least one with a very similar tower.

New Pics:…ftExterior1.jpg
Grav Lift Exterior 1…ftExterior2.jpg
Grav Lift Exterior 2…tLowerLevel.jpg
Grav Lift Lower Level…tUpperLevel.jpg
Grav Lift Upper Level…CenterRoom1.jpg
Center Room 1…CenterRoom2.jpg
Center Room 2

Hmmm… Are you using Sketchup?

Edit: I did’nt read the first post. I’m an idiot.

So, just asking, but what are these models for? Are you planning on making a game, or are they just fun? Anyway, I’ve seen the level once, and they’re awsome.

I play Halo 2 a lot. These are very accurate and very good. Great work.


they’re not for anything, just practice.

Those are pretty cool… I assume sketchUp is a 3D modelling program?
Cause, thoeretically, you could draw those in Paint, except that I saw some texturing… (I think it’s called texturing <_<)
You should try to make Samus =O

3D models? SketchUp 3D? hm… great speculation there einstein.

Uh can you make real 3d images with this sketchup thin?

Sketchup is a 3D CAD program.

How do you do that?

Good News: its done! I just finished, so here’s some new pics…koutRooftop.jpg
Lockout Rooftop…tSwordSpawn.jpg
Lockout Sword Spawn…utCliffRoom.jpg
Lockout Cliff Room…ter/Lockout.jpg
Lockout Final 1…er/Lockout2.jpg
Lockout Final 2

Well, after some hard work and a great deal of frustation due to inferior 3D programs, its finally finished. I hope you enjoy them, and there’s more on the way!!!

(sry for the bumped topic btw, thought it would be bad to make a new thread…)

Wait what is finished? The drawings and plans or the actual 3D level?

the level. well, the plans for the next one have been done for more than a month

ok, i made something new. no, its not the level ive been thinking on doing… i did this in about 30 minutes, so the quality isn’t great… or is it just not complex…? oh well, here it is:…ntballField.jpg

Very well done levels. Are they something you came up with on your own, or are they based off something else? Because if they are original, my respect for you shoots ever higher. What exactly are these practice FOR? Are you making a game, or just to see if you could? You never made it clear…

(P.S. 3D has more D’s than Edward…but less three’s than 3^2)

dude, read the posts. that will answer all your questions. n00b.