My 2 favorite youtube videos

This first:
(that one makes me crack up in tears no matter how many times I see it)

And the finale:


I’ve been commenting too much lately… >_>
But it’s okay, because you all missed me and love me so much :smiley:

tourettes guy never gets old.

i lol’d… also i’ve seen someone use that as their avatar.

I’ve seen someone do that too.

And I watched it without smiling. Do I gets a cookie?

(I’m really good at keeping a strait face)

I felt grins tugging at the side of my mouth the entire time, but managed to get through it without grinning wildly. :stuck_out_tongue:

what is this i dont even

@ Zurg> Really, then why is your avatar like that?


Well, I personally didn’t find the storm trooper one funny, so I gets cookie too. As for the cat video, my favorite yelling at cats videos is this:

PS: Sorry for bumping!

these are some of my youtube and ytp videos