So I recently started learning music and such. I have a 100 dollar keyboard in the house, a few acoustic guitars, a higher quality keyboard/piano thing, and, most importantly, Beeps v2.

And I have to say: I really REALLY enjoy music. A lot. I suck, as of this moment, but I’m definitely interested in getting better, and, best of all, I appear to have near-perfect pitch! Woo!

Anyone else out there musical? What do you play? Any compositions or examples of you playing that I may perhaps listen to?

Any advice on a good way to learn things would be appreciated as well, since I’m progressing rather slowly, and, being the impatient person I am, I want to learn faster.

I play the cello and the bass guitar, but plan to learn the drums and piano (followed by organ, if I can ever get one).

Advice on learning: work on technique and tone first, then rhythm; speed should come last. Also work on small two-measure sections at a time.

Music is pretty much the one defining quality of my life, aside from vidjamagames.

I play the Euphonium (Baritone) and am quite good. Ive played it for 6 years and have this beautiful solo in our concert in a week. The song is called “Shenandoah”(sp?) if anyones heard of it.

Since I only have three functional fingers on my left hand, my playing skill is slightly hampered, but somehow I’m managing to play class A solos on the cello in 9th grade =D

For the solo/ensemble coming up in April I’m playing J.S. Bach’s first suite for cello… or at least the first two movements.

We’re all curious, but I’m the only one rude enough to ask.

…actualy I was about to…
btw, why isnt there a music board?

What a coincidence–I was just working on increasing my music-making skills earlier today. (I don’t exactly work with music often.) I came up with It’s My Egypt Now.

Accident that involves a damaged left arm and gas-powered lawnmower. Past that, you don’t want to know.

OMG >.< that had to hurt…and sorry if that came across as a joke, im not good at sympathy, though i am sorry

Meh. It happened when I was two so I don’t recall much else about it.

But this is not the place for discussing various personal injuries :stuck_out_tongue: Bach’s six suites for unaccompanied cello kick so much ass.

I’ve played Bassoon since 9th grade, played Clarinet in 9th and have played Tenor Saxophone since 10th grade.

Im a very good bassoon player, but Im not particularly interested in playing.

I like writing music personally. Its inspired by whatever Im feeling at the moment, but most of the music I hear is either Hip hop, Alternative rock, or Video game music, so you might feel a slight blend of things in it.

Bassoon…kinda random, but I like bassons…lol

The clarinet, the clarinet, goes doodle doodle doodle doodle det.

Er… I give the guitar a horrible name, if that counts.
But I play all varieties of Saxaphone, mostly Alto… and yeah, I actually recognize Shenandoah. Except I hated it, because we had the crappy toned-down junior-high version.
And yeah, not particularly good at free-styleish anything, but not bad with actual sheet music.

I also play drums, which is my main interest. I mostly play trap set in one of two punk-rock bands (how stereotypical of my sixteen-year-old self) that always end up sounding completely different than everyone else… but the old one disbanded because we all ended up hating eachother… or rather, we all ended up hating two people, and then two of the last three hated the one, and then one of the two liked the one again, and I started to dislike them both. Kudos if you followed that.
I wouldn’t say I’m particularly good, just intermediate, as far as drummers go.
And no. No. No I do not have any examples, lol. Anything that I’ve recorded with my old band I’m too embarrassed of to show here. I’m actually ashamed of how bad I was eight months ago. That, and the recordings were horrible… if I get a hold of the much more recent video recordings, I’ll throw them on youtube and give you guys a link so you can laugh at me and make fun of how I look in real life and all that good stuff that happens on the internet.
Seriously, though, don’t make fun of my suckiness too much.

by the way, almost forgot… I also play a little bit of Djembe (believe that’s how it’s spelled… also Doumbek, dumbek, and darabukka. Goblet drums, I guess would be an easier phrase.) and I am actually naive enough to consider myself decent, even though I suck and the only reason that it can be called “music” is because of my obsession with rhythm and my ability to keep time and change tempo.

You sure that’s the best way to go? I’m pretty sure I got rhythm down first, then tone… though with sax, technique I kinda had to learn before rhythm to make, y’know, sounds. But if you get rhythm down, you can at least sorta make music while you get tone figured out. Rhythmical crappy sounds are better than non-rhythmic ones, and can actually sound ok… as certain particularly bad and particularly popular rap artists could tell you <_<
Keeping in mind that I said certain and that I do admit that some rap is good, I would like it if I didn’t get flame-murdered in my sleep tonight.

I have rhythm down, both naturally and thanks to the vidya (guitar hero in particular >_>).

Right now, I’m mainly studying musical theory, as opposed to learning how to move my fingers quickly and actually playing the instrument. So I’m experimenting with chords, learning about what notes sound good together, and stuff like that.

I made some midis a while ago for lol, but y’know, they suck. I’ll link the one that sounds least like ass (minors always sound good, no matter how hard you try >_>)

It’s played all in one key, making it very rambley, much like everything I’ve ever made.

Have played keyboards since I was 12, electric guitar since I was 18, violin since I was 5, and pan flute since I was 6.

Been in three bands so far. Currently working on my debut album with Wulfstan.

I play the geetar.

I’m in a band that plays the punk rock tunes.

Reason Unknown

Excuse the somewhat rough recordings, it was from a live show.

Studio recordings coming soon.