Music Rip (for reference)

I can rip all of the music from Metroid Prime. It doesn’t take much time, so if anyone wants me to get them something specific, just ask me. I can get it, if its in the game.

That’s illegal =P
All of the rips are out on the interwebs already, anyway, and I think our musicians are just downloading elsewhere.

Yeah, but the only site I ever found it at died… Just wondering if anyone else needed them thats all. And, does anyone care about legality as long as we give credit?

I don’t think it’s illegal.

Especially not since we’re talking about Nintendo, and I’m pretty sure it’s not a violation of their copyright agreement.

Distributing copyrighted work that is for sale is illegal by default, I think. I dunno, I don’t care, but I think invisionfree might. All of the music is on youtube though…
I even made a playlist. Just don’t tell anyone.

PS Can you rip models? Because that would be super duper useful.

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If you own the game, doesn’t that make it ok to have the music?

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Edit3: Rip Models as in take the 3D models from the game and put them in X file format? Then the answer, is not yet. I’m trying to find some way to though…

I think the legal line is, if you rip the music, it’s legal. If you download ripped music, it’s not, even if you own the game.

Makes sense to me. Also, I think your sig is AMAZINATIN’!

Yes and no.

  1. I think in some cases it’s illegal to crack copyright protection at all.
  2. It’s illegal to distribute the music, possibly unless you include some sort of legal disclaimer saying “OMG DON’T DOWNLOAD UNLESS YOU OWN THE GAME”.

Yes, thats true. Thats why they put it there. But, there isn’t any copyright protection on music you record from the game. I’d be recording it from the audio outs on the Wii, straight to my compy. No protection (innuendo).

While going completely off-topic, while where on the subject of copyright infringement, I have a question.

If music is copyrighted in, say, Japan, but not America, does that make it legal to download it in America? Considering that the copyright is limited to Japan?

I think it’s illegal no matter where you are, but my friend thinks otherwise. Just an interesting question. We talked about it for a while, and we still don’t know the answer.


On topic, however, I think that if we wanted the music from Prime on our comps, we’d already have it by this point. Thank you for the offer, disregarding legality (which is BAD).

Well, its legal to watch Japanese TV shows over here, so its ok for music I guess.

No, see, copyrights are International. There are a few countries that won’t recognize them, but nobody has herd of them. :stuck_out_tongue:

I know this because I’m going through the copyright process right now.

That is, if the shows aren’t licensed over here.

I see. Thanks, guys.

The more you know!

Well, Naruto Shippuden isn’t licensed here yet, so I guess thats why.


the leaf gets blown up

Kakashi gets stabbed in the sharingan with a nail

Itachi DIDNT kill the family

cries wow, thanks.

i got annoyed with Naruto once it focused on sasuke <.<