Music Program?

This question is for the people working on the music for P2D: What programs do you use in order to make/compose your music? I am interested in figuring out how to do this or maybe even helping out but have no idea where to begin…

I use Anvil Studio. It’s free, and fairly easy to work with once you learn how to handle all the glitches. Plus it loads/saves MIDIs directly without any problems.

Others use Noteworthy. I don’t really know much about this one… <__<;

Hexit uses Sibelius (no link). I don’t know anything about this one either… <__<;;;

I use Sibelius, but most people I know use Noteworthy Composer.

Thanx for the replies, troid92 and metroid072. Hopefully I can figure out how to use these programs. :confused:

Adobe audition → great for audio editing and compression. I use it for all the sounds.

I use garage band. its for the mac just incase you have one. you will need a midi keyboard. i have one i use m-audio.( thats the brand name )

I just started using noteworthy. Is there any way you can post music here? is good.

You can attach files to your post, just click on ‘add reply’ and below all te smilies you can upload a file.
Just make sure your file isn’t too big… :wink: