Multiplayer possibly?

I doubt this would work but what if we could make a Multiplayer game or extra game modes, kinda like a survivor made where to see how long you could survive, or we could (possibly but HIGHLY doubt) make some sort of Multiplayer tournements on this site?

I’ve never used Game Maker myself, but I know that it’s pretty hard to make all those networking stuff to work.

Hell I don’t even know how to sprite!

i highly doubt there will be multiplayer, it would be cool and all, but i really dont see it happening with gamemaker, the game itself sounds like it would be very hard with gamemaker, but multiplayer pushes it, lol. also, if the team ever needs visual basic, i can send you it, in case you guys do another project.

Wow, I must be using another famous game design tool that has the name Game Maker, all I have ever needed to do for a multiplayer engine was add another line of code after everything I wanted to happen normally to get multiplayer to work. Maybe you should switch?

lol, i meant from computer to computer, kinda like a 2d metroid prime hunters type thing, lol! are you thinking like gauntlet or something? lol! :smiley:

2-D MPH would be easy except with Crephtaphid V.4. On the topic multiplayer a possobility but I doubt it.

I confirmed multiplayer long time ago. End of story.

On a side note. It’s not Game Maker what fails at making multiplayer, it’s the guys using Game Maker who do.

And to whoever suggessted changing, don’t bother. DF is staying with Game Maker after his failed attempt at DirectX’ing the game, and no way in hell I’m gonna switch from C++ and OpenGL, so…

That settles that. Lets take lunch.