Msn messenger

like my friend sais windows live messenger must die because it quit’s all the time

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msn is awesome. simply put

True, thats why im using msn web messenger, wich sucks.

I could have sworn this was locked.

Anyway, i use AOL (though i havent been using it lately).

…what the hell is the point of this topic?

same for all chesters other topics :neutral_face: :confused: -_-

well at least its in the general disscusion board. but still. i suppose i must contribute.

i use AIM, but i have messenger and yahoo as well. just in the instance that someone doesnt use aim, and i want to talk to them. i suggest AIM, and NOT AOL. aol will kill your computer with ‘helpfulll’ spyware and crap everywhere. its just not good.

this person scares me for sayin such a thing…
MSN is freagin awsome!