MSN contacts

im bored on msn i need more contacts so add me!

my email:

post your adress to here. :smiley:

this is stupid…why would i wanna go on msn with ppl i met off a forum…the only ppl i dont know that i add or give my email are off myspace :stuck_out_tongue:

i did it beacuse nobodys on msn. i need more contacts…

lol…go see a freind?
sorry for being so blunt about my opinion…
if u dont have anyone to talk to and dont feel like going to go a see a friend make a myspace account

ok. um… Dont send me anything inapropriate beacuse my parents come in my room every 5-10 minutes and they always look what im doing…im only 10 you know.

Anybody here with MSN wanting to give out their address on the internet has it below each of their posts (the MSN icon) or in their profile. Other MSN discussion about like when to be on and all that can be done through PMs. With that said, this topic is completely useless. >_>