I found this video on youtube.I tried it on wi-fi and i was killing the people from behind the wall.They were tring to kill me but i killed them because the could’nt see me. :smiley: My name is ghost if you see me.

Dude, thats funny.

Yeah, good ol’ Arcterra Gateway glitch. Annoys me enough to disconnect when someone uses it too much. There’s a rock just like that in Alinos Gateway as well. You can get in with any character, the easiest being Spire.

Edit: Now if only YouTube would start working…

thats pretty crazy. i bet it gets annoying when everyone does it though…

…meh, its not really as much cheating as sheer stupidity, there is little gain in something like that.

Not true, for snipers, or shock coil users, its not a bad tactic, its just cowardly and low…sounds like fun.

its kinda a little hard to play a good battle in a wall, people realize that and simply go away, thus you get no score, thus you lose. :smiley:

yeah it was probably really popular when it was discovered, but im guessing it got old fast.

lol i think i was in a game with u… not that one but i was playing as trace that time

i just finished watching thats so fhkn funny all the players look so fhkn stupid jumping at the wall

man i think ive seen you double post 4 times… i think that’ll put you to 40% already… just wait till admin gets on >.>

anyway, that movie was kind of amusing, especially where the guy started shooting the other one (spire i think) trying to get in to the glitch. then, turned on his own team mate.

ive seen stuff like this all the time though, so get over it. especially on half-life mods…

If I do a search for ‘world’ and ‘any’, people expose glitches like that all the time… It’s kinda funny when i freeze them with Noxus, though. They’ll freak out and jump out of the wall a lot of the time.