MPH who wants to play?

AND this seems like the place to ask this question.
So has anyone else gotten the game yet, have wireless, AND want to play with me?
EDIT: Alright, I’ll just put up my friend code or whatever.

XMD does. I’ll go fetch him.

Alright then…

Check this out.

BTW, where do you get the wireless thingamabob? All I cand find are these messages saying that I need a WiFi doohickey.

Very nice. Thank you.
Hah, what are the chances… My DS IP address is the same IP as one of my computers, so I can’t use them both at the same time. Which… sucks, because it happens to be MY computer. It would be fine if it was the other ones…

ouch. man, that sux a lot.

shrug I can always change one of the IP’s if I ever get un-lazy enough to do it.

All you need is a usb adapter that nentendo sells for like 20 USD this uses your land line internet through your computer. Just go the nintendo online store

Or you can be smart and get a Linksys 10. It has all the features that that stupid nintendo one has and more. It uses highspeed wireless internet that has absoutely nothing to do with your cable or phone or land line. It rocks so much! I use it for my laptop and my DS. Super fast, it rarely lags.

EDIT: Oh ya, and it only costs about 45 dollars Canadian. :smiley:>

…I want it. XD
That’s probably somewhere between 35-40 USD, then.

If you have high speed internet at your house already then the conection to the your gameboy will be high speed as weal. Plus I have always found a land line to be more reliable then the wireless conections I have used.

Or you can go to McDonalds and use their router for free!!!

Speaking of McDonalds, I dare you to go to and see the WiFi hotspots in new York. You’ll be surprised at what you see.
Now back on topic, my parenst are Internet Service Providers, so… we kinda have to have the highest speed internet.

I just got high speed internet about four months ago… anyways some stores actually sell the wifi adapter for the DS.

CM… again… I want it XD
talking of course about the high(est) speed internet. Because… my DSL is horrible.

Well, though this may be offtopic, I now present to you, A LINK TO THE LINKSYS 10 ADSL MODEM!!! I don’t know if that’s the newest version or not but yeah… :smiley:>

Cable modem >>>>>>>56K

stupid dialup, smart Charter Digital Cable!

We have cox its like 4mb I love it wouldn’t go with anything else

I can’t use the Wi-fi feature because of Dial-Up. Dial-Up stinks!!

Ouch man. I’ve never had dila-up, is it that bad?


Picture this: frozen molasses going uphill in January, on crutches, against a treadmill and hurricane-force winds, while dragging a 90000 ton barbell.

That’s still faster than dial-up.