MP3 Screenshots

here are some screenshots i took of the video. ridley in most of them.

Were the heck did you get this.
And were the heck did you find the movie.

please give link

there not very clear but I cant wait for this game hehehehehehehe^^

And yet I still want linky

IGN has it, but I have found a different better one here.…hwide_thumb.jpg

heres the main mp3 site from ign:

i think theres some good videos there. ill look at yours too though.

umm link doesnt work…

not for me either, yeah, its a bad link (not singular)

not to repeat the obvious but they’re right. do you have a correct link?

either way, the video from ign is pretty good, it is realllly long. you should all watch it if you want to see what MP3 will be like.

Wait a sec, you guys are asking for links, AFTER E3 HAS BEEN OVER FOR WHAT? 3 MONTHS? WHERE IS YOUR SENSE OF THE NEED FOR INFO?
anyways :sweat: <---- I use as HOMIE_G64 <---- I use as SN1P3RS1X <---- They make you pay! The cheapness! It’s maddening! <---- Yep SCU has vids!

i dont need links. ive seen lots of info, mostly repetitive from site to site. but those are good to have. in case some newb comes around whose never played metroid. :sweat:

No go to the VIDEOS section of the game. Not the info!

OK sorry, you cannot use the dirrect link it doesn’t like hotlinking. Here is a link I have checked. Take the demo link, rightclick and save. Use quicktime or realplaer and hey! it works.

it doesnt stream so ill do it later. i dont want to sit through a download right now.


is it realy that good? ive seen LOTS of videos on lots of sites so far. ill download it and watch it, but ill be pissed if i already saw it lol.


It does stream.

Maybe it really is fun to play with the remote?

Personally I cannot wait to play this - it looks too good!

The one who played in the videos had some minor problems with the aiming. I hope that I will be better than he/she/it.

Hoping for a new Wild Gunman game for the Wii