MP3 equipment

What do you guys think one what weapons,armor,etc…will be in Metroid Prime 3 for the Rev??

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There will almost certainly be a phazon suit, but I sure hope it’s not just a recolor again… :\

I’d also like to see a grapple beam with more applications in puzzles and battles. Maybe some elemental bombs like the beams in MP1 chosen with the c-stick. That’d be sweet.

Just so you know it will be imposible to use a c-stick because there isn’t one on the revolution and that is mp3’s console. However it might be posible by useing the wand like controlers two sensors and change beams by twisting the controler. Obviosly the shooting will be some what remonisant of a point and click shoter on the computer and you could probalbly turn and move using the other hand joystick

hope they do a phazon suit again. maybe a blue one, coz in mp1, the phazon suit as no blue in it. looks similar to the dark suit…to similar.and dark samus should be the last boss. then, like sa-x turn into a monster, a HARD one, not like sa=x. like a phazon dragon or something. or fuse with ridley.

how about having a power beam that you can use as a sword with the controler[as in the new Wii Zelda fishing video]?

oooh… that would be awsome! power beam with built in bayonette!

Ok. First of all, Metroid Prime steals your Phazon Suit and becomes Dark Samus. Second of all, the X was never a problem because not all of the Metroids in SR338 are dead yet. If you never knew MP’s story follows Metroid’s not Metroid Fusion’s (despite MF being Metroid IV). Third of all please capitalize the first word in your sentence. Other wise if you want to know about MP3’s Equipment go to and look for an article on MP3. Some useful stuff there.

First, the Phazon suit was apparently created by extreme liquid phazon contact. It wasn’t a unique item that Samus can’t get back, so it’s possible to have another one. Second, he mentioned the SA-X as an example. He wasn’t referring to there being actual X in the game. Third, please read better if you’re going to comment. Otherwise, don’t pick on other people’s posts.

a phazon blast beam. phazon ammo, refilled by standing in phazon. ammo like dark and light beams, only a million times stronger.
and phazon screw attack, and a mirror beam

Sure it’s from Super Smash Bros. Brawl but hey it’s still cool

He said that Dark Samus looked too much like the Phazon Suit. I never said that it is impossible to get another Phazon Suit I just pointed out that Dark Samus came out of the Phazon Suit. Next, he said that it would be cool for the X to be in there. I said (in other words) that it would not be cool because the X would never be there in the first place.

Are you aware that the beams in MP3 are gonna stack? Not that I’m picking at your postl I’m also going to point out that Light and Dark Beam are super strong (compared to the Power Beam) and you can probably kill almost anything (bosses excluded) with a Charged Dark Beam shot (a freeze yay!) and a missile. And back to the stacking beams thing (sorry for incoherency), if you don’t know what stacking beams are that means that once you get the beam they have the effect added on to your normal beam (Power Beam). So after you get the Wave Beam (beam I can imagine to be the first you pick up) you get a beam that is as fast as the Power Beam and shoots out multiple blasts like the Wave Beam. So if you are going to need ammo for one beam you are going to need ammo for every shot. But otherwise I can see Phazon Screw Attack. You are suppose to have a limit in Phazon you can take in before you self destruct and seeing how Dark Samus had to use up Phazon or else she would die, I can see how you can use Phazon by screw attacking.

However, he did not say that it would be cool for the X to be in there. Re-read it. He said that it would be cool for Dark Samus to mutate like the SA-X did.

I think that there is a beam sword and Samus in SSBB is from Prime3