MP2:E's Artwork

Here’s my first sprite, it’s ball kirby:

Constroctive critism is wanted, this is a WIP sprite. :astonished:

u need to shade it more and the other stuff is good

So much wrong, yet…so cute! :laughing:

'kay, I kinda suck at shading though. Yes, It’s supposed to be cute, it’s Ball kirby! :stuck_out_tongue: And could you please state what’s wrong?

the eyes are so wrong

Cute, yes. Shading needs to be fixed, though. Shading spheres is easy: Basically, what I do, at any rate, is you have several circles of different shades of colour, and different sizes. The darkest circle is the largest. The next shade goes on top, and so on, so you end up with this:

Of course, that’s nowhere near perfect, and an actual sprite should look MUCH better than that. That’s just an example of how I shade spheres, and it generally works.

And of course, remove the outline.
I find that dithering is good on round sprites. =D
Here’s a beautiful example of two-color spherical dithering!

And here it is when blurred into a nice gray!

Kinda cloudly-like. I think I’ll use that as an alpha mask for a planet. :}

Thank you all of you. How are the eyes “SO WRONG”? :confused: And how did you do that “cloud” thing? I don’t have Photoshop BTW :laughing:


A black and white image in MS Paint. (For a planet, make the circle white and the background black so it blurs into black! Otherwise use a 24-bit bitmap with gray for the outside.)
Spray tool set to largest size, black selected.
IrfanView for blurring. (Maximum power blur 5-10 times.)
A copy of the original circle (filled) to overlay the blurred one in such a way that it doesn’t have blurry edges.

That’s how I did it. :smiley: