MP Semi-2D

Shouldn’t P2D have some 3D aspects, like parts of boss battles where the camera rotates, so the game can be more like Metroid Prime, but stays 2D?

Another of these topics… the answe is no. I will be classic Metroid style but based on a 3D game. Case closed. Topic Closed.

topic closed? it’s wide open!

…Coolman, no. It’s a 2-D game, yes, and it is going to have only 2-D graphics, but things like the Parasite Queen and Flaahgra battles are going to allow you to run around the boss until the battle is over, which would be a 3-D element.
At least, that’s just what I heard last…

No 3d elements. That defeats the freaking purpose. >_>

And no, troid, those aren’t really semi-3d… it’s just an endless scroll loop around the boss in a circular shaped arena. It may end up LOOKING 3d, but it’s completely 2d. Like, say, Split Mushroom’s lair in Megaman X4, as opposed to Kirby 64–a fake 3d 2d, not to 2d with 3d elementss.

This brings to mind how many noobs will say “It’s 3D!” when the game comes out :neutral_face:

Yes, the graphics and everything are still 2-D, but running in a circle around something in a side-scroller makes it seem 3-D. That’s what I thought number-man meant about the camera rotating thing, which is why I argued against Coolman.

Funny… I thought I remembered many topics like this stating that the gameplay will stay just like Classic Sidescrolling Metroid but it will be based on a 3D game. That’s why i thought there would be none of those rotating things.
PS: If you do end up making it like Split Mushroom’s Bio lab, make it smoother than that place.

How will it work? The side view would be better simply because the idea of it revolving would be flawed. How would you leave the room?

You walk in. Cutscene. You appear in the “center” of the area. You’re trapped in the loop, fighting PQ. When you defeat PQ, another cutscene starts. When that cutscene is over, you’re out of the loop, and the room now ends on both sides.

Dude, that is a kick awesome idea! :smiley:

It isn’t exactly new. <_<"

I see… :>_>:

ok nice but what about against the hive mecha? the bees are going to be swirling but when they stop, how will you make it realistic to hit them? or do they all the sudden appear in front/in back of you?

They’d probably circle Samus and shoot at her from a vertical orbit, and she’d have to sidestep or jump or morph etc as they fly.

you mean the war wasps will go above and below you wouldn’t that mean they would go through the floor

Yes, so? Plenty of enemies in the 2d games go through solid objects. >_> If it bothers you that much just interpret it as “they’re just flying around it in a 3d plane”. Or maybe they only fly at you when they’re at the top or sides since you fight on a suspended platform.