MP :: Dark Samus Story

Hi, I make now Metroid Prime Dark Samus Story.
You must play on Dark Samus and sometimes battle with Samus but samus run away this time.

Some Screens:

I make Dark Samus self.

I suggest you change the “2d” part, remove the “2, echoes”, and then think of an original name. :confused:

I hope you don’t plan to run it on that engine you have on your page, because if so, you are getting nowhere.

Your sprite/bg section is lame at best. You should really get someone to do decent art for you, because I can’t even give constructive crit on those. man, they are just 1 minute Paint works!

As for the engine, as I said, it’s mediocre at best. You get stuck constantly, don’t have 8 way aiming, physics are horrible, AI is null… meh, better if I don’t keep on.

Umm, you better make more spherical light beacons. :shivers at current one:

Kraton! You stole all the free web names for dark samus didn’t you!
Anyways… about the game = ACK! Whats the deal! Sorry man. You need someone to do art for you. I’m not trying to be mean, its just that, wow. Yeah.

Since everyone doesnt like the art… I happen to have ripped
tons of good Super metroid tilesets. So if you need anything in that catagory,
just ask!

Oh sure, and it looks just like the Super Metroid one out of pure coincidence, huh?

You mean the Super Metroid Samus?

Yeah of course. What, you don’t see that. It’s as clear as daylight that it’s a SM varia recolor.

Could be an SA-X recolor…

The SA-X isn’t that tall. And there is no sprite made that shows the SA-X looking directly at the player in that stance.

Just what is Dark Samus?
I know she’s/it’s in MP2Echoes…
Samus from Dark World or Metroid Prime? Or something else?

I thought everybody knew this by now…

Dark Samus is a reincarnated Metroid Prime, created from the Phazon suit it stole from Samus.

about the sa-x thing
you could horizontally flip the image and get it
anyway the 100 percent ending explains everything about the origins of Dark Samus
the character of course

I’ve seen on my computer but I wasn’t sure.

Dude I could do the sprites for you.

How is this its a phazon missile tank not the actual phazon missle lancher.

This project is frozen. sry.

And another one bites the dust. :neutral_face: :neutral_face:

I’ve never actually seen a complete fangame come out here from beginning to end. :sigh:

Wow!! you ar pretty good at that