Movie Discussion

What are some movies you’ve seen recently? What are your thoughts?

I’ll go ahead and start! The last movie I saw was…
…It was the Emoji Movie. That’s embarrassing. It was on in the background and I was half-paying attention. That doesn’t count, right? Right?

The last one I saw in theaters was the new Jumanji (2017). And I was pleasantly surprised! Of course it was vastly different in tone and style from the original Jumanji, but I was quite entertained. Fun movie to see with friends and family.

Last I saw was Black Panther, not a perfect movie but I enjoyed it quite a bit.

I saw Rogue One a few days before Christmas. It was great.
I really have not been watching any movies lately. I’ve had Netflix running just to have people talking when I’m tired and working but that is more like listening to movies. :confused:

me, my dad, and my brother binge watched all 3 lord of the rings movies - the extended editions. it took all day. worth it.

Rewatched The Thing(1982) fairly recently. Still an excellent movie. If anyone is into psychological horror I highly recommend it. Amazing how well the movie holds up today.

it’s not a film but the netflix series: A series of Unfortunate Events is pretty great

Saw it a while back, found it omega depressing and stopped watching it. Well made though.

Saw The Great Gatsby(2013) in English class the other day. It had some cheesy bits but was actually pretty well paced/made. Still a bit weird seeing Toby Maguire not be Spiderman.